Life Insurance for Diabetics

If you’re a Diabetic and need life insurance, there are 3 important things that need to be known to narrow down the best diabetes life insurance company or companies for you.

1) A good Hemoglobin A1C is one of the most important blood levels in acquiring the absolute best life insurance rate possible.  A good HbA1C for life insurance underwriting purposes is less than 7.0%.  Most of the competitive life insurance companies for diabetics will decline you if your A1C is above 9.0, but there are some relatively competitive insurance companies that may offer you coverage if your A1C is less than 10, assuming your health is okay otherwise and you have not had any diabetic complications like neuropathy, retinopathy, nephropathy or other kidney issues. 

2) Your height and weight are another major factor in acquiring the best rate.  Being overweight is a big contributing factor to diabetes, especially type 2.  So maintaining a good weight should help you maintain better blood sugar control and will help you in securing the best offer possible. 

3) The final piece of the puzzle in acquiring the best life insurance rate if you have diabetes is your age when diagnosed with diabetes and how long you’ve had the disease.  The older you were when you were diagnosed, the better, as far as life insurance underwriting is concerned.

Having optimal cholesterol levels, blood pressure and good health otherwise are also things that the best life insurance companies for diabetics will look at and these can help us to get you credits for an even better offer. 

Whether you are a type 1 diabetic diagnosed as a child or a type 1 or type 2 diabetic diagnosed as an adult, there are life insurance companies that may make good offers for you.

Some insurance companies are better for younger diabetics, some are better for older. Some companies are better for diabetics on oral medications only and some life insurance companies are much better than others for insulin dependent diabetics. We will find the best insurance company for you.

If you have complications with regard to your diabetes, like blindness, neuropathy or kidney disease or if your diabetes is uncontrolled with A1C of 10 or higher, then the best life insurance rates for which you could qualify can get very expensive or you may not qualify at all with most insurance companies. 

As a last resort, we can offer you guaranteed issue or guaranteed acceptance life insurance for which anyone over age 40, breathing and capable of signing an application can qualify. 

We’ll narrow down the best diabetes life insurance companies for you based on your overall health and diabetes history.  Then we’ll have you apply to the best insurance company or companies for you and we’ll negotiate with the underwriters and do everything we can to get you the absolute best offer possible.

If for some reason you don’t qualify for the rates we quote you initially, we will find out the exact reason why and then we’ll shop your case to other insurance companies to try to improve on the offer.  Our service is free and you will not be obligated to pay anything by applying.      

In the past 44 years we have shopped thousands of diabetes life insurance cases to hundred’s of different insurance companies and we know the specific insurance companies that are best for every diabetic.  This experience enables us to get you the best rate regardless of your diabetes history, whether you want term life, universal life or whole life insurance. 

We are also happy to compete with any other life insurance brokers for your business as we will ultimately get you the best offer after you apply and are actually approved. 

Call us or just request a quote to the above right and provide your email or phone number or you can send an email to and we’ll start the process of getting you the best life insurance rate possible no matter what your diabetes situation is.