Life Insurance for Overweight People

Life Insurance For Overweight PeopleDo you know that you can buy $100,000 $170,000 (update October 2014) of term life insurance from a company that has no height and weight requirement at all?

This is just one of the niche companies we can offer you that specialize in insuring anyone with a weight issue.

Life insurance company’s height and weight guidelines can make it difficult for overweight people to qualify for Preferred Plus or Preferred rates.

Even the guidelines to qualify for Standard or Regular rates can make it difficult for you to  qualify for these rates also.

Height and weight and cholesterol are the number one and two reasons most otherwise healthy people don’t qualify for better insurance rates.

So if you’re told you’d be “rated” or charged a higher rate for your life insurance due to your height and weight, we’ve got great news for you!

There are a number of companies right now that make much better offers for people who are overweight than the majority of the competitive insurance companies.

These companies that are better for people who are overweight allow people who weigh 20 – 30 pounds more (than most other companies would allow) to still qualify for their Standard or Regular rates.

The unusual thing to us about these companies that make the best offers for people who are overweight is that we don’t see some of these companies showing up on most of the popular life insurance quoting websites.

Below are just some of the heights/weights that can still qualify for Regular or Standard life insurance rates. These guidelines are from a couple companies that make best offers for people who are overweight right now:

5’ 0” tall- 220 pounds
5’ 1” tall- 227 pounds
5’ 2” tall- 235 pounds
5’ 3” tall- 242 pounds
5’ 4” tall- 250 pounds
5’ 5” tall- 258 pounds
5’ 6” tall- 266 pounds
5’ 7” tall- 274 pounds
5’ 8” tall- 282 pounds
5’ 9” tall- 291 pounds
5’ 10” tall- 299 pounds
5’ 11” tall- 308 pounds
6’ 0” tall- 316 pounds
6’ 1” tall- 325 pounds
6’ 2” tall- 334 pounds
6’ 3” tall- 343 pounds
6’ 4” tall- 353 pounds
6’ 5” tall- 363 pounds
6’ 6” tall- 372 pounds

If you are close to the maximum weight using height/weight chart above, your total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, blood pressure and blood glucose and/or A1C must be within normal range OR you must have had a good stress test, nuclear stress test or stress echocardiogram that was completed within the previous 12 months.   

If your weight is over the above guidelines, you can still qualify for life insurance. We will have to shop our database for the best rates available to you depending on your exact height and weight and other health history.

BEWARE when trying to drop weight just prior to applying for life insurance. Insurance companies like to see a stable weight for 1 full year and weight gain or loss is a question on all insurance exams.

If you tell the examiner you lost 20 pounds in the past year, the competitive companies will debit you half of the weight that you lost. So they will consider you to be 10 pounds heavier than you actually are when you apply.

Most of these companies also order your medical records to verify health history, so they can find out about weight loss even if you don’t mention it.

We don’t like this procedure either, but all of the competitive companies do it.

We can get exceptions for some people who are overweight and we can sometimes get better rates than the norm if your health checks out as good otherwise.

If cholesterol levels, blood sugar, blood pressure are good and your overall health is pretty good otherwise and you don’t smoke, we’ve been able to get some insurance companies to improve on their initial offer.

We will do our best to get you the best rate possible!

Contact us at toll free # above or just run a quote request and give us your name, email and phone # and we’ll start the process of getting you the best life insurance rate possible. 

Or simply click here to email us with your name, date of birth, height/weight, other health issues and your State of residence and we will email you with accurate quotes.

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