Life Insurance for Senior Citizens

Life Insurance for Senior CitizensIf you’re over age 65 and need life insurance or final expense life insurance, there are insurance companies that make better offers for seniors.

There are a number of insurance companies that offer guaranteed Universal Life insurance for seniors that can be less expensive than term insurance.

There are also several highly rated insurance companies that have 2 different sets of underwriting guidelines now, one set for individuals under age 65- 70 and one set for individuals over age 65- 70.

It’s about time that life insurance companies started to consider natural changes in health for senior citizens.

Things like cholesterol levels, blood pressure, family history issues and height and weight should be more liberal for senior citizens than they are for younger adults.

One of the competitive insurance companies for seniors will even approve some late age onset type 2 diabetics with excellent control a “Preferred” rate.

Another competitive insurance company will allow blood pressure readings as high as 150/90 for senior citizens to qualify for their lowest rate.

Some insurance companies do not even take into consideration family history issues of heart disease or cancer when underwriting for seniors.

These underwriting changes that benefit senior citizens by some insurance companies will spread to other companies in time, since life insurance is such a competitive market.

A few term life insurance companies and more and more companies that offer universal life insurance are also including critical illness benefits and/or chronic illness benefits in there policies and some companies don’t even charge extra for these benefits.

Because life insurance for senior citizens has become a niche for some life insurance companies, all seniors that have life insurance should consider taking a look at the best rates available now as they may be able to save significant money and/or get a policy with better benefits.

Whether you have term life or universal life insurance, there may be a better rate and product available to you now.

Fill out the form to the above right to get quotes from the top life insurance companies in the country. If your health is good, click on “Preferred Plus” rates as you may very well be able to qualify.

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