American Term Life Insurance – Assessment Insurance

Assessment Insurance
Pocket Register of Life Associations (1896)
The Spectator Company
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Business Associations
  • American Co-operative Relief Association
  • American Life-Annuity Company
  • American Temerence Life Insurance Association
  • Atlanta Mutual Life Insurance Co.
  • Baltimore Mutual Aid Society
  • Bankers Alliance of California
  • Bankers and Merchants Life Association of Illinois
  • Bankers Guarantee Fund Life Association
  • Bankers Life Association
  • Bankers Life Insurance Company
  • Bay State Beneficiary Association
  • Boston Mutual Life Association
  • Canton Masonic Mutual Benevolent Society
  • Catholic Knights of Illinois, State Council
  • Chenango Mutual Relief
  • Chicago Guaranty Fund Life Society
  • Cincinnati Life Association
  • Citizens Life Association
  • Commercial Travelers Life Association
  • Commercial Travelers Mutual Benefit Society
  • Connecticut Indemnity Association
  • Council Bluffs Life Association
  • Covenant Mutual Life Assocation of Illinois
  • Des Moines Life Association
  • Economic Life Association
  • Empire Life Insurance Company
  • Empire State Degree of Honor, Sup. Lodge
  • Equal Rights Benefit Association
  • Equitable Industrial Insurance Company
  • Equitable Mutual Life Association
  • Equity Life Association
  • Expressmens Mutual Benefit Association
  • Federal Life Association
  • Fidelity Mutual Life Association
  • Franklin LIfe Association
  • Fraternal Beneficial Association
  • German American Mutual Life Association
  • German Mutual Benefit Association
  • Guaranty Fund Life Association
  • Guardian Life Insurance Company
  • Hartford Life and Annuity Insurance Co.
  • Home Friendly Society
  • Home Security Life Association
  • Industrial Benefit Association
  • Insurance Clerks Mutual Benefit Association
  • International Progressive Association
  • Iowa Life and Endowmnent Association
  • Jewelers and Tradesmens Company
  • Jewelers League of the City of New York
  • Kentucky Life and Accident Insurance Company
  • Keystone Mutual Benefit Association
  • Knights of the Globe Mutual Ben. Association
  • Knights Templars & Masonic Mutual Aid Association
  • Knights Templars & Masons Life Ind. Co.
  • Maine Benefit Life Association
  • Masonic Aid Association of Dakota
  • Masonic Life Association
  • Masonic Life Association of Western New York
  • Masonic Mutual Aid Association
  • Masonic Mutual Benefit Society
  • Masonic Mutual Benefit Society of Kansas
  • Masonic Mutual Life Association
  • Masonic Union Life Association
  • Massachusetts Benefit Life Association
  • Massachusetts Masonic Life Association
  • Massachusetts National Life Association
  • Mercantile Benefit Association
  • Merchants and Manufacturers Life Ass’n
  • Merchants Life Association of the U.S.
  • Merchants Life Association
  • Minnehaha Mutual Life
  • Minnesota Odd Fellows Mutual Benefit Society
  • Minnesota Scandinavian Relief Association
  • Missouri Life Insurance Company
  • Mutual Benefit Association
  • Mutual Benefit Association of Suffolk County

  • Mutual Reserve Fund Life Association

  • National Capital Life Association

  • National Life Association

  • National Life Maturity Insurance Company

  • National Mutual Life Association

  • Northern Life Association

  • Northern Life Insurance Company

  • Northwestern Life Association
  • Northwestern Masonic Aid Assocation

  • Northwestern Mutual Relief Association

  • Northwestern Ohio Masonic Relief Association

  • Northwestern Travel Mens Association of Chicago

  • Odd Fellows Annuity Association

  • Odd Fellows Beneficial Association

  • Odd Fellows Mutual Aid & Accident Association

  • Odd Fellows National Beneficial Association

  • Ohio Mutual Life Association

  • Old Wayne Mutual Life Association
  • Omaha Life Association

  • Peninsula Mutual Relief Association

  • Pennsylvania Mutual Life Insurance Company

  • Peoples Mutual Benefit Association

  • Peoples Mutual Benefit Society

  • Preferred Bankers Life Assurance Co.

  • Protective Life Association

  • Provident Mutual Relief Association

  • Provincial Provident Institution
  • Safety Fund Life Association
  • Scandanavian Mutual Aid Association

  • Scot. Rite K.T. & Master Masons A. A.

  • Security Life Association

  • Security Mutual Life Association

  • Southern Tier Masonic Relief Association

  • State Life Insurance Company

  • Southwestern Mutual Life Associatoin

  • Springfield Mutual Life Association

  • Triple Link Mutual Indemnity Association

  • United Life Insurance Association
  • United States Masonic Benevolent Association

  • Western Commericial Travelers Association

  • Western Mutual Life Association

  • Wisconsin Odd Fellows Mutual Life Insurance Company

  • Workingmens Co-operative Association of the U.I.L. of New York

  • World Mutual Benefit Association

  • Young Mens Mutual Life Association
Fraternal Orders
  • American Legion of Honor

  • American Insurance Union

  • American Fraternal Insurance Union

  • American Order of Fraternal Helpers

  • A.O.H. Life Insurance Fund

  • Ancient Order of United Workmen
  • Ancient Order of United Workmen (various locations)
  • Ancient Order of United Workmen (various locations)
  • Ancient Order of United Workmen (various locations)
  • Ancient Order of United Workmen

  • Artisans Order of Mutual Protection

  • Benai Berith Independent Order

  • Tribe of Ben Hur

  • Bohemian Roman Catholic Central Union

  • Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen
  • Brotherhood of the Union

  • Canadian Order of Foresters, High Court

  • Catholic Benevolent Legion

  • Catholic Knights and Ladies of American

  • Catholic Knights of American

  • Catholic Mutual Benefit Association

  • Catholic Relief and Beneficiary Assocation

  • Order of Chosen Friends

  • Empire Knights of Relief

  • Equitable Aid Union
  • Foresters of American

  • Independent Order of Foresters

  • Independent Order of Foresters of Illinois

  • Fraternal Aid Association

  • Fraternal Legion

  • Fraternal Mystic Circle

  • Free Sons of Israel, Independent Order

  • Order of Golden Chain

  • United Order of the Golden Cross

  • Golden Star Fraternity
  • Royal Society of Good Fellows

  • Improved Order Heptasophs

  • Supreme Council of Home Circle

  • Home Forum Benefit Order

  • Home Palladium

  • Imperial Legion

  • International Fraternal Alliance

  • Iowa Legion of Honor

  • Junior American Mechanics

  • Knights and Ladies of Honor
  • Knights and Ladies of the Fireside

  • Knights and Ladies of Security

  • Knights and Ladies of the Golden Star

  • Knights of Columbus

  • Knights of Honor, Supreme Lodge

  • Knights of Pythias, Endowment Rank

  • Knights of St. John & Malta

  • Knights of Sobriety, Fidelity and Integrity

  • Knights of the Golden Eagle

  • Knights of the Maccabees, Supreme Tent
  • Knights of the Maccbees
  • Knights of the Maccabees

  • Ladies Catholic Benevolent Association

  • Ladies of the Maccabees

  • Legion of the Red Cross

  • Locomotive Engineers Mutual Life & Accident

  • Loyal Additional Benefit Association

  • Loyal Mystic Legion of America

  • Fraternity of Modern Woodman of American

  • Order of Mutual Protection

  • National Alliance Aid
  • National Protective Legion
  • National Provident Union

  • National Reserve Association

  • National Union

  • New England Commercial Travelers Association

  • New Enland Order of Protection

  • Northwestern Legion of Honor

  • Odd Fellows Endowment Association of Pennsylvania

  • United Order of Pilgrim Fathers

  • Protected Home Circle

  • Order and Knights of Red Cross
  • Royal Arcanum, Supreme Council

  • Royal League

  • Royal Temple of Temerance

  • Order of Scottish Clans

  • Order of Select Friends

  • Order of Select Knights

  • Shield of Honor

  • Order of Sparta

  • Templars of Liberty of America

  • Independent Order of Treu Bund
  • United Order of United Friends

  • United Friends of Michigan

  • U.S. Benevolent Fraternity

  • Western Catholic Union

  • Woodmen of the World
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