The best life insurance rate for which you’ll qualify depends on MANY things, some of which are not directly health related.

Besides for looking at all of your lab values (cholesterol, liver functions, blood sugar, etc.), past medical history (any past cancer, heart disease or other health issues), height/weight, blood pressure and tobacco use, insurance companies are also going to consider your family history of heart disease or cancer, your driving record, any past alcohol or substance abuse, any potentially hazardous avocations (scuba diving, private piloting, etc) and any foreign travel when determining the rate class for which you’ll qualify.

In addition, most insurance companies have 12 or more different rate classifications for which any one person could qualify.

While all of the criteria that insurance companies look at to determine what rate they’ll charge can make the process of applying for life insurance frustrating, our unique process of inquiring with insurance companies for best offers prior to submitting application can help narrow down which insurance companies may be best for you.

Then our relationships with underwriters and representatives at every competitive life insurance company can help us to secure the best rate possible for you.

So run a quote to your above right and provide at least your email address, then we’ll contact you with information and best insurance companies for you.

We don’t want to bother you if you’re just browsing, but we can certainly help you if you want the best life insurance rate and value no matter what your situation may be.

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