Diabetes Life Insurance: The Real Truth

diabetes life insurance the real truthIt’s amazing to me how much incorrect information there is online about diabetes life insurance. I saw a website whose name indicates that it specializes in diabetes life insurance, so I thought they’d provide good and accurate information for diabetics seeking life insurance.
Man, was I wrong!
This site showed a chart of expected premiums that a 35 year old male diabetic non-smoker may pay for $250,000 of 20 year term.  The rates they quote are way off from reality!
This site showed a monthly rate of $87 as the “best rate for diabetes controlled by oral meds.”
The site also indicated a monthly rate of $164 as the “best rate for diabetes controlled by insulin.”
In reality, the previous rates are probably the absolute worst available.

We can get much better rates for diabetes life insurance

Having shopped thousands of diabetes life insurance cases, I can tell you realistically that a 35 year old male diabetic taking oral medication only and who is a non-smoker could qualify for a $250,000- 20 year term rate of $30-$47 per month.
An insulin dependent, 35-year-old, non-smoking, diabetic male could realistically qualify for a rate of $47-$55 per month as a range of the cost, even if he was diagnosed with diabetes as a child.
The better insulin dependent rate I quoted of $47 per month would equate to saving $28,080 over 20 years when compared to the rate of $164 per month from the website that is supposed to specialize in insurance for diabetics.
Saving $28,080 is huge, and everyone searching for diabetes life insurance online needs to be aware of the potential for HUGE savings.
To any diabetics who are looking for life insurance out there, be careful when researching information about life insurance online or when getting quotes or actual offers from anyone. Dealing with the wrong agent, broker, or website could cost you thousands of dollars. We’ve been getting the best diabetes life insurance rates since 1969 because we have long-term relationships with all of the top diabetes-friendly insurance companies. We always get multiple quotes simultaneously, which is an important strategy for diabetics to get the best life insurance rate.