Diabetes Life Insurance: The Real Truth

Stamp of TruthIt’s amazing to me how much misleading information there is online about diabetes life insurance.
I googled “life insurance for diabetics” and got the top websites according to Google, so I decided to investigate…
While there are some really cool websites out there and the technology of some is pretty amazing, I was really curious if I could get even a semi-accurate quote without having to speak to an agent.
I also wanted to see if any of them could really help diabetics get best offer and how they do it. 

Top 3 Diabetic Life Insurance Sites- Google Search


Trustedchoice.com, insurance4diabetics.com and policygenius.com were the top 3 organic listings for “life insurance for diabetics”.

Trusted Choice was #1 

Trusted Choice had a great design, but I really wanted to find out what they would quote me and from what insurance companies.  
There was nowhere to request a quote, so I clicked on “find an agent” and it asked me for my basic info and address and then provided me with 5 semi-local agencies that I could contact. 
This is definitely not what I was expecting and then upon further review I found that Trusted Choice is an organization for independent insurance agents to join for a fee to be listed in their website. 

They’re Basically Selling Leads

The local agencies they provided to me appeared to be more P&C or Property & Casualty focused (i.e. auto, homeowners, etc.), but most P&C agencies can also offer life insurance…but can they do it well? 
So Trusted Choice is basically a seller of insurance leads…
If you’d prefer to deal with local insurance agents, and not as concerned with getting the best rate and value, then Trusted Choice may be a good place for you to start.



I like to get a sense of who I’ll be dealing with whenever I’m shopping for anything online and I like to read reviews, so I went to the About Us page…

The first two lines read: This website spawned out of two interests in my life – insurance and my son”. What’s the connection? Well, I am an independent life insurance agent. I’ve been in the industry for 8 years now. I’m also a mom to a son who has type 1 diabetes”

This was great, so I’d get to deal with an actual person that has someone in their life with diabetes and then (hopefully) a sincere interest in wanting to help other diabetics.
BUT…there were no reviews and nothing else about who this person was. No name, no picture, no more details. 
So I called the 800# and I got the automated teller who indicated an agent would be with me shortly…then a gentleman got on the line and this was an obvious call center (I could hear all of the agents in background).

The Dreaded Call Center  

I looked at an online directory and this same 800# was associated with other life insurance websites, not regarding diabetes. 
Whomever originally owned insurance4diabetics may have sold their site to a bigger competitor…which is not uncommon…or the agent whose kid had diabetes may just be a ploy to build trust.   

What I don’t like about call centers, or boiler rooms, is that they have only one job…to SELL you something!

I did feel misled that I would NOT be dealing with the person whose son had diabetes, and I could only get instant quotes on their website which are rarely accurate for diabetics. 

Last time I was researching mortgage interest rates, I made the mistake of providing my phone # and got over 20 calls within 24 hours.  I’ll never provide my phone # again!!

Policy Genius


The technology of policy genius is pretty amazing as it does actually provide “by the book” underwriting offers without having to speak to any agent…
Almost every other site, besides mine, requires your phone # to provide even semi-accurate quotes.
If you really want the best offer on life insurance, can policy genius get you that?
I’m always trying to to get my clients better than “by the book” offers and I have a system to do just that

No Robot or Artificial Intelligence Can Do What We Do…Yet!

I don’t believe policy genius has a system to get better than “by the book” offers.
When I say “by the book”, I mean offers based on the reinsurance manuals from SwissRe, GenRe, Hanover, SCOR and RGA…as the re-insurers set the guidelines as to what rate class is offered.   
I’m always pressing for better rate classifications than the underwriting manuals show to be accurate, which has paid off for my clients, since we get exceptions on a regular basis!!      

Policy Genius Quote- Case Study 


Male age 49, type 1 diabetic diagnosed at age 1, excellent A1C’s around 6.0, never had any diabetic complications and excellent health otherwise.
Policy Genius quoted a table 6 rate, which is still a good offer for a type 1 diabetic that’s had the disease for 48 years…
This was for an actual case I recently completed and I got this gentleman a table 4 offer, or 2 better rate classifications than what policy genius quoted originally.

Didn’t Happen By Accident

The company I ultimately got the table 4 offer from originally offered a table 5 and it took some pressure from me to get them to offer table 4. 
This gentleman bought a $1,100,000- 15 year term rate for $3,916 per year which is $966 per year less than the table 6 quote policy genius provided…
Over the 15 year term, that equates to a savings of $14,490!!

We can get you better rate for diabetes life insurance


Having shopped thousands of diabetes life insurance cases, I can tell you with 100% certainty that by using our system, we can almost always get a better offer than the norm…
Even better than the diabetes niche insurance sites, or the sites with diabetes in their name.
This is all because of our dual app and negotiating system and the fact that we won’t accept anything but the absolute best offer.
A table 5 offer on the example above still would have been a great offer, but why not try for a table 4 and apply a little pressure…
This is what we do on every case and you don’t even have to speak to us if you don’t want too!

Be Careful Who/What You Believe When Shopping


If you’re a diabetic looking for life insurance, be careful when researching information about life insurance online or when getting quotes or actual offers from anyone.
Dealing with the wrong agent, broker, or website could cost you thousands of dollars.
Providing your phone # on a form to get quotes could result in you getting lots of calls from numerous agents trying to sell you anything.
We’ve been getting the best diabetes life insurance rates since 1969 because of our system and because we have long-term relationships with all of the top diabetes-friendly insurance companies.
We always get multiple offers simultaneously, which is an important strategy for diabetics to get the best life insurance rate.
We’ll also never hassle you to buy from us…so BEWARE when shopping and researching my friends!!