History of the Insurance Company of North American

History of the Insurance Company of North America of Philadelphia
The oldest fire and marine insurance company in America
Began business as an association in 1792, incorporated in 1794
Published 1885
Front View of the Office Erected 1880
Cover PagePDF
Table of ContentsPDF
List of IllustrationsPDF
Front View of the Office Erected 1880
Charles Platt
First Office of the Company
First Page of Minutes of the Board
Early Marine Policy of Company, 1793
Early Marine Policy of Brokers, 1795
Early Fire Policy of Company, 1795
Page or Original Bill Presented to Legislature
A Page of Stock Subscriptions
First Page of Marine Blotter
An Old Committee
First Page of Fire Blotter
Proposals for Fire Insurance issued in 1806 – this appears to be an advertisment
Fire Policy of Company, 1809
First Receipt for Rent of Office
Front View of Office Building, 1879
Ebenezer Hazard, First Secretary
Charles Pettit, Second President
John Inskeep, Fourth President
John C. Smith, Fifth President
Arthur G. Coffin, Sixth President
Grand Staircase in Hall
Main Office
Chapter I. OrganizationPDF
Chapter II. Early Marine Underwriting in PhiladelphiaPDF
Chapter III. Early Fire Underwriting in PhiladelphiaPDF
Chapter IV. IncorporationPDF
Chapter V. Marine BusinessPDF
Chapter VI. Fire BusinessPDF
Chapter VII. Life BusinessPDF
Chapter VIII. FinancesPDF
Chapter IX. Office LocationsPDF
Chapter X. Lives of the Founders and the PresidentsPDF
List of OfficesPDF
List of DirectorsPDF
Location of OfficesPDF
List of Original ShareholdersPDF
Charter and SupplementsPDF
Marine Business by Decades
Fire Business by Decades
List of Early Philadelphia UnderwritersPDF
Philadelphia Marine Policy of 1749PDF

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