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Best Life Insurance Quotes & Rates | American Term Life Insurance

Because the lowest term life insurance rate may not provide the best value, we’ll make recommendation if slightly higher term rate has better benefits (i.e. critical and chronic illness living benefits or a better conversion or extension option).

A term or other type of life insurance policy with living benefits could pay you cash while you’re living but have suffered a qualifying illness like a heart attack, stroke or invasive cancer just to name a few.

A  better conversion option could pay off for you BIG TIME someday if you ever wanted to do Life Settlement and sell your policy for cash or if you decide to extend the duration of your coverage later.

If your health history is complicated, we’ll order your medical records so that we can shop them to numerous life insurance companies if necessary.

If you don’t qualify for the rate we originally quote, we’ll negotiate on your behalf to improve on the offer and we’ll shop with other insurance companies to get better offers if necessary.

We also periodically review your policy to see if a better life insurance rate or product may be available in the future since rates and products are constantly changing. Since 1969, we have been able to get approximately 70% of our existing clients a better rate or product after their initial purchase.

This is how we will get you the best life insurance rate and value!!

Here are just some of the insurance companies we can offer you

Allianz Life Insurance Company, American General Life, AGLA, American National, Ameritas, Assurity Life, AVIVA Life, AXA/Equitable, Banner Life, Columbus Life, Fidelity Life, Genworth Financial, Guardian Life, Hartford Life, ING-ReliaStar, ING-Security Life of Denver, Indianapolis Life/AmerUs, Jackson National, Jefferson Pilot, John Hancock, Lafayette Life, Liberty Life, Life Investors, Life Insurance Company of the Southwest, Lincoln National, Lincoln Benefit Life/Allstate, Mass Mutual, Met Life, Midland National, Minnesota Life, Mutual of Omaha, National Life, Nationwide, North American Company for Life & Health, Ohio National, Pacific Life, Penn Mutual, Principal Life, Protective Life, Prudential, Savings Bank Life of Mass, Sun Life, Security Mutual Life, Symetra, Transamerica, Union Central, United Home Life, United States Life, US Financial, West Coast Life, Western Reserve Life, William Penn Life….

*Top 5 Mistakes People Make Regarding Their Life Insurance*

  1. Applying for absolute lowest term rate without consideration of other benefits like conversion/extension option or living benefits.
  2. Applying for an inferior amount of coverage. For example, if breadwinner of family dies prematurely will you have enough money to replace his or her income or will you have to sell your home, downsize, cut costs dramatically? What about future expenses, college tuition, mortgage payments, etc.
  3. Assuming that the life insurance rate for which you qualify is the best available to you. Every insurance company underwrites a little differently. Since 1969, we have saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars by re-shopping their life insurance after an initial “higher than expected” approval.
  4. Not reviewing old life insurance policies. Rates and products are constantly changing and term life and permanent insurance rates are at all time lows. The best rates available to you now may be significantly lower than what you are currently paying on existing policies. We review all of our client’s policies periodically to see if any savings or a better policy may be available.
  5. Lapsing or canceling any term life insurance or permanent insurance policy before finding out what the policy may be worth in the Life Settlement market. Many term policy holders age 70 or older may be able to “sell” their term policies for cash and permanent insurance policy holders may be able to get more money than their cash surrender value.