Life Insurance For The Severely Overweight


The most aggressive insurance companies for people who are severely overweight or morbidly obese will continue to change…   

Whether it’s Prudential, Protective Life, Met Life, Minnesota Life, John Hancock, Banner Life, or any other companies that may have aggressive height/weight guidelines for the seriously obese right now, they may not next month. 

Not to long ago, some of the companies above used to allow about 40 pounds more than they do now, before they’d decline anyone. 

These companies must have been insuring too many overweight people and wanted to reduce that particular risk.

Life Insurance for Morbidly Obese Chart

Obtaining life insurance for the severely overweight is still possible. 

Following are the current maximum weights that can still qualify for term coverage from all of the quality term insurance companies that are most aggressive for the severely overweight.  

                       Ages 18 – 59          Ages 60 and Over
5’ 0” tall-        255 pounds             281 pounds                          

5’ 1” tall-        264 pounds             291 pounds               
5’ 2” tall-        273 pounds             301 pounds                    
5’ 3” tall-        282 pounds             310 pounds                                                       
5’ 4” tall-        291 pounds             320 pounds                                   
5’ 5” tall-        300 pounds             330 pounds                                   
5’ 6” tall-        309 pounds             341 pounds                                   
5’ 7” tall-        319 pounds             351 pounds             
5’ 8” tall-        328 pounds             368 pounds                                  
5’ 9” tall-        338 pounds             372 pounds                                  
5’ 10” tall-      348 pounds             383 pounds             
5’ 11” tall-      358 pounds             394 pounds                                 
6’ 0” tall-        368 pounds             405 pounds                                  
6’ 1” tall-        378 pounds             417 pounds                                 
6’ 2” tall-        389 pounds             428 pounds                                  
6’ 3” tall-        399 pounds             440 pounds                                                
6’ 4” tall-        410 pounds             452 pounds                                              
6’ 5” tall-        422 pounds             464 pounds             
6’ 6” tall-        433 pounds             476 pounds  


If You Weigh More Than The Maximum Life Insurance Weight Limits

If you weigh more than the above, even only a pound or two more, the best insurance companies for overweight people will likely decline you. 

Important to note:  Any insurance company can change their height and weight guidelines at anytime.  We shop each case thoroughly to make sure we don’t miss any updates, as we can offer you coverage from hundreds of different insurance companies.  

If you do happen to weigh more than the above, you’re still insurable, as there are a few insurance companies that currently have no height/weight requirement.

While most of these companies only offer Whole Life insurance, there is currently one company that offers term life with no height/weight requirement.

Guaranteed Issue Is Always a Last Resort

As an absolute last resort for people that are severely overweight and have other serious health issues, there are graded benefit term and guaranteed issue Whole Life rates available.  

This type of coverage is expensive, won’t pay out full death benefit amount for death by disease/illness in the first two or three years, and it’s usually only offered at low amounts like $50,000 or less.    

It is a good thing to know that life insurance for the severely overweight is possible. 


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