American Term Life Insurance – Mathematical Theory of Investment


The Mathematical Theory of Investment
Ernest Brown Skinner
Cover page and prefacePDF
Table of ContentsPDF
Chapter I Progressions
Derivation and use of formulasPDF
Geometrical progressions in which the number of terms increases indefinitelyPDF
Chapter II Limits and Series
Variables and sequencesPDF
Infinite series with constant termsPDF
The direct-comparison testPDF
The test-ratio testPDF
Power seriesPDF
The binomial seriesPDF
The exponential seriesPDF
The logarithmic seriesPDF
Chapter III Logarithms
Definitions and preliminary notionsPDF
The characteristic and the mantissa for a system of logarithms with base 10PDF
Computation by logarithmsPDF
Exponential equationsPDF
The transformation of logarithms of one system into logarithms of another systemPDF
Chapter IV Graphical Representation
Definitions and first principlesPDF
Some important graphsPDF
Chapter V Interest
Simple InterestPDF
Ordinary and exact interestPDF
Computation of simple interestPDF
Compound interestPDF
Nominal and effective rates of interestPDF
Instantaneous compound interest. Force of interestPDF
Computation of compound interestPDF
The rate of discountPDF
The equation of valuePDF
Equation of paymentsPDF
Chapter VI Annuities
Definitions and notationPDF
The amount of an annuityPDF
The present value of an annuityPDF
Annuities due and deferred annuitiesPDF
Perpetuities and capitalizationPDF
Continuous annuitiesPDF
The annuity that will amount to 1PDF
The annuity that 1 will purchasePDF
Fundamental relation between 1/s-angle-n and 1/a-angle-nPDF
The term of an annuity certainPDF
Computation of annuities; the use of annuity tablesPDF
The rate of interest borne by an annuityPDF
Chapter VII The extinction of interest-bearing debts by periodical payments – amortization
The amortization of an interest-bearing debt by equal annual installmentsPDF
The amount remaining due after the rth payment has been madePDF
The amount remaining due when both the payments and the time intervals are unequalPDF
The amortization schedulePDF
The amortization schedule in general termsPDF
The amortization schedule when the debt is expressed in bonds of a given denominationPDF
Chapter VIII The Valuation of Bonds
Bonds bought to yield a certain rate of interestPDF
The computation of the premiumPDF
The amortization of the premium on a bond bought above parPDF
The accumulation of the discount on a bond bought below parPDF
Schedule for the amortization of the premium in general terms when the interest interval and the conversion interval coincidePDF
Bonds bought between two interest datesPDF
Installment bondsPDF
Chapter IX Sinking Funds and Depreciation
Sinking fundsPDF
The composite life of a plantPDF
The wearing value of a single asset whose probable life is givenPDF
The valuation of mining propertiesPDF
Chapter X Building and Loan Associations
Definitions and first principlesPDF
The effective rate of interest realized by the investorPDF
The time required for stock to maturePDF
The rate of interest paid by the borrowing shareholderPDF
Chapter XI The Theory of Probability
Definitions and first principlesPDF
Simple problems in probabilityPDF
Total and partial probabilityPDF
Compound probabilityPDF
Probability of an event when several trials are madePDF
Mathematical experiencePDF
The mortality tablePDF
Chapter XII Life Annuities
Endowments and life annuitiesPDF
The computation of life annuities; commutation columnsPDF
Deferred and temporary life annuitiesPDF
Chapter XIII Some problems in Life Insurance
Whole life insurancePDF
Term insurancePDF
Endowment insurancePDF
Reserves; valuation of policiesPDF
Loading; gross premiumsPDF
Concluding note on life insurancePDF
Chapter IV Tables
Note: we were unable to convert these scans into text format, so they’re only available in PDF format.
The number of each day of the year from January 1PDF
Exact interest at 5% for times from 1 to 365 daysPDF
The compound amount on 1PDF
The present value of 1PDF
The amount of 1 per annumPDF
The present value of 1 per annumPDF
The annuity that 1 will purchasePDF
Compound amounts for times less than a yearPDF
The value of j(p)PDF
The value of i/j(p)PDF
American Experience Table of MortalityPDF
Commutation columnsPDF

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