A Must Read for Cigar Smokers Seeking Life Insurance!


Even daily cigar smokers and other “non-cigarette” or alternate tobacco users can get non-tobacco or non-nicotine rates. 

Most life insurance companies will NOT preclude “celebratory” cigar smokers from their better “non-tobacco” rate classifications, but the allowable amount of cigars per year can vary greatly.  

Twelve or less cigars per year is not a problem for most life insurance companies, and many will allow you to still qualify for their better rate classifications if you only use this amount of cigars or less per year.  Just remember the amount of allowable cigars varies from insurance company to company, and NO nicotine can show up in your lab results during free insurance exam to qualify for the absolute best rates as a cigar user.  

So here’s the lowdown on the best insurance companies and rates for cigar smokers! 

Both American General and ING ReliaStar Life will allow you to smoke up to 1 cigar per week (52 per year) and you can still qualify for their absolute lowest “preferred plus” rates, but the kicker is that no nicotine can show up in your lab results from your free insurance exam.   Furthermore, you can not have smoked cigarettes in the previous five years to qualify for the best rates with these companies.  

If your health is very good otherwise, you can just run a quote request using the quoter above, choose “Preferred Plus” for “Health” category, and you can look for the rates from American General Life and ReliaStar Life, as these rates are best case scenario for one cigar per week users.  

Met Life will allow you to smoke up to three cigars per week to qualify for their third best rate classification (Regular Plus on quoter), but again, no nicotine can show up in your insurance exam lab results. 

Based on my experience, there is no exact amount of time to refrain from smoking cigars before your lab results will be clean for nicotine.  Everyone’s body and metabolism is different, and yours could take longer or shorter than anyone else’s before no nicotine shows up. 

If you do smoke one cigar per week, then you should wait at least a full seven days or longer after your last cigar before having the free insurance exam.  To be safe, I feel a full two weeks of no nicotine based products is a safer amount of time to make sure no nicotine shows up in your labs.   Whether you refrain for a week or two, drink lots of water to flush your system of the nicotine.


Remember to refrain from using cigars and ALL other nicotine based products for as long as possible prior to your insurance exam.  Also, drink plenty of water during this time to flush your system of all nicotine because if nicotine does show up in your lab results you’ll only qualify for a significantly higher Smoker or Tobacco rate with the companies mentioned above. 

What about daily cigar smokers?

Even if you’re a daily cigar smoker and nicotine does show up in your urine, you can still get non-tobacco or non-nicotine rates with Cincinnati Life, Prudential, Lincoln National Life, and John Hancock.  These companies will all allow you to qualify for non-tobacco rates even if nicotine shows up in your lab results as long as the cigar use is admitted to on the application and you have not smoked cigarettes in the previous 12 months.      

Even daily pipe smokers, tobacco chewerssnuff users, and nicotine replacement users can qualify for non-tobacco rates even if nicotine shows up in your lab results with most of these companies mentioned in paragraph above, as long as no cigarettes have been used in previous 12 months. 

Below are $250,000- 20 year term rates for males at various ages that do smoke cigars daily or often enough so that nicotine will show up in their lab results.  These rates assume good health otherwise and are all monthly rates rounded to nearest dollar: 

Age 35:  $24
Age 40:  $32
Age 45:  $50
Age 50:  $73
Age 55:  $111
Age 60:  $189
Age 65:  $333

Just remember that 10 and 15 year term rates will be less expensive than the rates above, and 25 and 30 year term will be more expensive than the rates above.


The rates above are about 50% less than what 99% of all other life insurance companies will charge you if you regularly use cigars, pipe, chew, snuff, or any nicotine replacement products and nicotine shows up in your system. 

Whether you use tobacco once per year or every day, there will be one life insurance company that is best for you.  If you are a tobacco user and need help finding the best life insurance company for you, please click on link above to get the most accurate rate possible or email me at [email protected] or call me at 1-800-380-3533 and ask for Gordon #3.

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