Non Smoker Rates for E-Cigarette Users


You’ve spoken to your local agent because you use e-cigarettes, and they quote you a smoker rate.  

The smoker rate is more than you can afford or want to spend, but you know you need life insurance to protect your family.

Non-smoker rates for e-cigarette users are available!

We can currently offer nicotine based e-cigarette users non-smoker rates from two different A+ (Superior) AM Best rated quality insurance companies. 

If you happen to use non-nicotine based e-cigarettes for that hand to mouth “smoking ritual,” then we have many more companies that will consider you for non-smoker rates.  

Finding the best rate takes a little research and depends a lot on your smoking and tobacco use history, as well as how much, what type, and how often you use e-cigarettes.   

If you have smoked regular cigarettes in the previous 12 months, then you will generally only qualify for tobacco or smoker rates with all life insurance companies.  There are exceptions made regarding this, but they are infrequent.  

The problem for life insurance companies and underwriting is that e-cigarettes are too new, and there are no long term studies that show the actual affects of e-cigarette use.  

This has not stopped a couple progressive insurance companies from offering non-smoker rates, possibly even preferred non-smoker to limited e-cigarette users. 


If you’re an e-cigarette user or “vaper” and you want life insurance, then here’s what we will need to know to get you the best offer:

 1. When did you last use regular cigarettes?

2. When have you last used any other types of tobacco or nicotine (chew, pipe, cigar, patch, gum)?

3. Do the e-cigarettes you use contain nicotine?

4. How long have you used use e-cigarettes with or without nicotine?

5. How much and how often do you use e-cigarettes?

With the above information and considering your overall health otherwise, we’ll be able to narrow down the absolute best e-cigarette life insurance company for you. 

Remember to be honest about your e-cigarette and other tobacco or nicotine use when applying for life insurance. 

Nicotine will show up as cotinine in your insurance exam lab results.  If you don’t admit to the e-cigarette use and cotinine shows up in your labs, then we will have a hard time convincing the underwriter that you “forgot” to mention the e-cigarette use, which can lead to a trust issue.  

As of now, the underwriters have no way of knowing the exact source of the nicotine that shows up on your lab results.  By not admitting to the e-cigarette use, you could have actually used regular cigarettes. We can’t fault any underwriter for not agreeing to offer non-smoker rates.

This also becomes an MIB code, and every other life insurance company you apply to over the next seven years will see that you tested positive for nicotine use.     


What about applying for a no exam life insurance policy? Will that make it easier to qualify?

There are currently no “no exam” life insurance companies and products available that will offer non-tobacco rates to e-cigarette users.  

Lying about e-cigarette or any tobacco/nicotine use on any application that does or does not require an insurance exam or blood/urine specimen could result in your beneficiary not getting the life insurance payout upon your death. Be honest and do the right thing! 

Just click the link above to get an accurate e-cigarette insurance quote, call us at 1-800-380-3533, or email us, and we will find you the absolute best life insurance rate possible, whether you use e-cigarettes or any other tobacco or nicotine based products.