New Testimonial – October 21, 2020, 1:36 am

Like many others working from home due to the pandemic (and being 44 years old), I figured it was a good time for me to look into getting life insurance so I could check it off my list. What I didn’t realize however, was how challenging the process would be when calling various providers on my own and applying online to get a quote, only to get hounded by life insurance sales agents calling me 24/7 and then offering me extremely high (and frankly ridiculous) rates.

Thankfully, I came across an article online that Gordon Conwell wrote and was so impressed with his expertise, knowledge and his ability to articulate what things to look out for and to keep in mind when searching for policies, that I decided to pick up the phone and call him! Since my first conversation with Gordon, I have learned an extraordinary amount of information about life insurance in general and what type of policy would be best for me and my budget. He walked me through every step of the process, answered all of my questions (and believe me, I had a lot of them!), was extremely prompt in his responses, and was an absolute pleasure to work with throughout this journey!

From our very first phone call, I knew I was in good hands with Gordon Conwell and his company. He is 100% dedicated in helping folks get the absolute best policy and best rate possible. He was able to secure a policy for me that I didn’t think was possible. If you are considering getting life insurance, pick up the phone and call Gordon, like I did! You will save so much time and money and will actually enjoy the process of obtaining a policy that is best for you and your budget!

Kim Swensen

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