How To Get Best Life Insurance With Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea may not seem like a big issue for life insurance underwriting since you’ve probably never heard of anyone dying from sleep apnea, but statistics show that sleep apnea is a major contributing factor in automobile accidents. 

Also called Obesity Hyperventilation Syndrome, Pickwickian Syndrome and Sleep Disordered Breathing…

Even moderate sleep apnea has been linked to an increase in several heart conditions including heart attacks and cardiac arrest. 

It also increases your likelihood of having a stroke, depression and some types of cancer.


Case Study- How To Get Best Life Insurance With Sleep Apnea

Offers on sleep apnea cases can vary greatly, depending on whether the apnea is mild, moderate or severe and also considering the overall health of the person applying…

We received a call from a 48 year old male that seemed to be in otherwise excellent health (not overweight and no other issues) based on questions he answered, but he was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea 2 years ago and he uses a CPAP nightly since it was prescribed.

So we reviewed our database of rates from hundreds of different insurance companies to try to narrow down which may be best for this guy.

He thought he was most interested in $1,000,000 of 15 or 20 year term, but the ultimate cost was going to be a factor in what he purchased.

He also indicated if the cost was going to be too high, he may only end up buying a 10 year term plan or less insurance.

Because his health was good otherwise, we were convinced we could get some companies to offer him their best “preferred plus” rate class, as long as we put the pressure on and as long as his health did check out as good otherwise… 

The Problem With Having Too Many Companies

Having too many insurance companies to offer can be a problem when trying to narrow down the best for any one individual.

We really want to get everyone the best offer on our first try…

So we sent out emails to underwriters at the best term insurance companies to better narrow down which may make best offer based on this 48 year old’s excellent health but also considering his mild sleep apnea and current use of CPAP.

Below are all of the tentative offers we were given for $1,000,000 of term:

Prudential Life: Preferred Best
Zurich Life: Preferred Plus
Mass Mutual: Preferred Plus
AXA Equitable: Preferred, possibly better
American General/AIG: Preferred, possibly better
Principal Life: Preferred, possibly better
Pacific Life: Preferred
Lincoln National: Preferred
John Hancock: Preferred
Illinois Mutual: Preferred
Symetra Life: Preferred
Transamerica: Preferred

Cincinnati Life: Regular Plus
United of Omaha: Regular Plus
Banner Life: Regular Plus

SBLI of Mass: Regular Plus
Ameritas: Regular, possibly better
North American: Regular, possibly better
American National: Regular
Assurity Life: Regular
Brighthouse/Met: Regular
Ohio National: Regular
Penn Mutual: Regular
Minnesota Life: Regular
Security Mutual: Regular
New York Life: Regular
Nationwide: Regular
Protective Life: Regular
Columbus Life: Regular
Foresters: Regular
Sagicor Life: Rated



Obviously, The Best Insurance Companies for Sleep Apnea Are…

Prudential, Zurich and Mass Mutual based on above, RIGHT?

NOT necessarily!

Here’s Why:

Check out these $1,000,000- 20 year term rates for 48 year old male from Zurich, Prudential and Mass Mutual:

Zurich Life-    $1,485 per year
Prudential-     $1,495 per year
Mass Mutual- $1,585 per year

American General indicated they may offer their best rate which is $1,374 per year, so why not apply to them and one of the other companies above to see which one really makes the best offer?

There’s NO downside in applying for both, and there’s actually an upside as we’re more likely to get you a better offer when we have 2 offers on the table!!

Then you can decide which to accept after you’re approved.

Many Sleep Apnea Underwriting Variables

Offers to people with sleep apnea can vary greatly from one case to another and no two cases are identical. 

We can guarantee you that Zurich Life, Prudential, Mass Mutual, American General or any other companies will NOT be the best for sleep apnea every time…

There are just WAY too many variables involved in underwriting sleep apnea cases.

Even though the most common factor contributing to sleep apnea is obesity and sleep apnea is most common in overweight males, anyone can be diagnosed.

In addition to your sleep apnea being mild, moderate or severe, your height/weight, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, blood sugar, medications you take, family history and driving record are just some of the other variables involved in determining what you’ll pay for life insurance. 

Insurance companies also know that compliance with CPAP or BiPAP treatment is an issue. 

Approximately one-third of individuals discontinue CPAP/BiPAP treatment within the first year. 

So they’re going to want verification in medical records that you are compliant with treatment.


The Botton Line Here Is…

Like with most underwriting issues, there are exceptions made from time to time, and some “off the wall” insurance company that rarely makes good offers to people with sleep apnea may make best offer for you.

If your health is pretty good, you have mild or moderate sleep apnea, and you don’t initially qualify for a Preferred rate, your agent needs to be willing to fight for a better offer.

We get Preferred offers often, and sometimes even Preferred plus on good cases, because we question every approval and won’t accept offers that are not justified.

Make sure your agent or broker is familiar with sleep apnea cases, they’ll fight to get you best offer and that they can easily shop your case to numerous life insurance companies to get offers.

If you need help, feel free to click on accurate quote button above, call 1-800-380-3533 and ask for G3 (Gordon III) or click here to email me.




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