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We specialize in obtaining the best available insurance plans for our clients, even if they are considered high-risk or uninsurable.  See bottom of this page for underwriting issues that we deal with regularly.

While we also offer insurance for healthy people, we excel at high risk insurance policies.

That’s because we don’t stop at the first quote we receive from our partner insurance companies, we keep comparing quotes and negotiating with underwriters until we find you the most affordable life insurance policy with a reputable, reliable insurance company.

Applying to one company and hoping for best offer is NOT a good strategy for ANY higher risk individual.

We can help any “high risk” or “uninsurable” person get insured and our life insurance underwriting process is the same regardless of your health or other underwriting issue.  

All we need is some information regarding your specific issues and then we’ll start shopping.

Click on the quote form to the right to see just some of the life insurance companies we can offer you.  We’ll shop with all of these companies and more to get you the best offer.  

Or you can simply call us at 1-800-380-3533 or email us and let us know your underwriting issue and we will help you to narrow down best rate and policy for you.

Some of the more common underwriting issues we insure on a regular basis are:

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