Life Insurance for Diabetics


CONTACT US before applying to ANY life insurance company.  We can offer you a No Exam policy that any diabetic could qualify for as long as long as you are actively at work and you have never been declined for life insurance in the past!

Since 1969 we have been helping type 1 and type 2 diabetics to get the best life insurance rate and value possible from the most competitive insurance companies in America.

Whether you have juvenile onset diabetes or adult onset diabetes, with great control, average control or poor control, we have a solution for you.

We can help get the best life insurance for diabetics in various policy types, including :

  • Diabetic Life Insurance with Medical Exam required 

  • No-Exam Life Insurance for Diabetics 

  • No-Health-Questions and No Exam Insurance Policy 


First thing you need to know while you’re shopping for insurance is that no agent, broker, or website can guarantee that you’ll qualify for any rate that you’re quoted!

Assuming any agent you ultimately choose to apply through does have integrity, is working in your best interest, and does know how to quote diabetes cases, there are a LOT of variables that life insurance companies look at when determining what rate they’ll actually offer you.

Most life insurance companies also have about 10 to 12 different rate categories for which you could qualify, from preferred plus to a table 12 or sometimes even a higher table rating.

So it is not always simple for you to get an accurate quote.

A good agent, broker, or website should quote you a range of what your cost could be and then do everything they can to get you best offer.


Insurance Guidance In Your Best Interest!

We have over 74 years combined experience in the life insurance industry and have shopped thousands of diabetes life insurance cases to hundreds of different insurance companies.

We get the best offer for you because we have long-term relationships with underwriters and reps at every quality insurance company and because of our unique shopping process

If you apply and then something turns up in underwriting and you don’t qualify for the rates we initially quoted, we will shop your case to other insurance companies. We can easily “flip you” from one insurance company to another later without you having to have a new insurance exam. 

We’ll obtain all of your medical records, which makes it easy to get offers from other insurance companies later, if need be…. 

We regularly have our diabetic clients apply to more than one company right off the bat as this has paid off numerous times.  

“This dual application process alone has saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Why submit applications to 2 different life insurance companies if you can easily “flip me” to another company later?

There’s really 2 reasons:

1) It gives us negotiating room between the two companies. So if company A makes a better offer than company B, we go back to underwriter at company B and tell them what rate we need to place the coverage with their company. This has worked in our clients favor so many times and it really is in your best interest to get more than one offer.

2) It results in better offers. There’s a database called the MIB which all insurance companies use to see your life insurance application history over the past 7 years. When we submit dual applications, underwriters at each of the companies won’t usually see MIB codes for the concurrent apps that are being underwritten as that information is not usually available until after the underwriting has been completed and an offer has been made.  We’ve determined over the years that by underwriter A not being swayed by the outcome of underwriter B’s decision, this has resulted in better offers being made.

It is no more difficult for you to apply to two insurance companies instead of only one. Only 1 free insurance exam is required and you’d only need to sign two forms instead of one.

Everything we do is in your best interest and we do it because we are 100% certain that it will result in you getting the absolute best life insurance policy offer possible.

Our service is free and you will not be obligated to pay anything by applying.


3 important criteria to narrow down the best life insurance for diabetics

What information do insurance companies focus on to evaluate insurability of diabetics?

  1. A good Hemoglobin A1C is one of the most important blood levels in acquiring the absolute best diabetic life insurance rate possible. An optimal HbA1C for life insurance underwriting purposes is less than 7.0%.  Most of the competitive life insurance companies for diabetics will decline you if your A1C is above 9.0, but there are some relatively competitive insurance companies that may offer you coverage if your A1C is less than 10, assuming your health is okay otherwise and you have not had any diabetic complications like neuropathy, retinopathy, nephropathy or other kidney issues.
  2. Your height and weight are another major factor in acquiring the best rate. Being overweight is a big contributing factor to diabetes, especially type 2. So maintaining a good weight should help you maintain better blood sugar control and will help you secure the best life insurance quote possible.
  3. The final piece of the puzzle in acquiring the best life insurance rate if you have diabetes is your age when diagnosed with diabetes and how long you’ve had the disease. The older you were when you were diagnosed, the better, as far as life insurance underwriting is concerned.

Having optimal cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and overall good health otherwise are also things that the best life insurance companies for diabetics will look at and these can help us to get you credits for an even better offer.

Whether you are a type 1 diabetic diagnosed as a child or a type 1 or type 2 diabetic diagnosed as an adult, there are life insurance companies that will provide good policy offers.

We welcome the opportunity to find the best diabetic life insurance company for you.


Even the Toughest Diabetes Life Insurance Cases

If you have complications with regard to your diabetes, like blindness, neuropathy or kidney disease, or if your diabetes is uncontrolled with A1C of 10 or higher, then the best life insurance rates for which you could qualify can get very expensive or you may not qualify at all with most insurance companies.

As a last resort solution, we can offer you guaranteed acceptance life insurance for which any diabetic (type 1 or 2) can qualify.

We’ll narrow down the best diabetes life insurance companies for you based on your overall health and diabetes history.

We will then have you apply to the best insurance company or companies and we’ll negotiate with the underwriters and do everything we can to get you the absolute best offer possible.

So how do you get best rate?

If your health is decent and you have relatively good diabetic control (A1C under 9), your best option to get the best rate possible will be to apply for a life insurance policy that does require you to answer health questions and does require you to have a free insurance exam.

What if I don’t want to have a blood test or insurance exam?

That’s no problem as we can also offer you the best “no-exam” life insurance companies for diabetics.  These no exam companies will require you to answer health questions, but no exam is required.


No-Exam Diabetic Life Insurance Companies 

Following is a list of many life insurance companies that DO NOT require an exam or a blood test and that offer guaranteed level rates. We’ll shop with all of them to get you best offer if you don’t want to have a blood test or exam:

  • American National
  • American Continental
  • American Memorial
  • Americo
  • American Amicable Life
  • Assurity Life
  • Equitable Life
  • Fidelity Life
  • Foresters
  • 5 Star Life
  • Lafayette Life
  • National Life
  • Royal Neighbors of America
  • Sagicor Life
  • SBLI
  • Transamerica
  • United Home Life
  • United of Omaha

The best no exam life insurance companies for diabetics will request medical records from your doctor prior to making you an offer, but we have had some really excellent offers for many type 1 and type 2 diabetics that didn’t want to have an exam.

Just let us know if you:

  1. want absolute best rate and want to have an exam
  2. you do NOT want to have an exam
  3. or if you’d like to see the best rates that do and do NOT require an exam and we’ll show you both. This way, you can make a better informed decision as to which may be best for you.


Can I Get Preferred Rate as Diabetic

U.S. Financial Life used to offer “preferred” rates to diabetics on term insurance, but they stopped offering new life insurance many years ago……

U.S. Financial’s preferred non-smoker rates were “padded”, so they cost the same as many other insurance companies “standard” or regular rates. 

It was a good marketing tactic for diabetics to be able to qualify for “preferred” rates…..even if the actual cost was not better or much better than what other companies would offer.

We have gotten diabetic clients of ours “preferred” rates with a few different insurance companies, but only on permanent life insurance, like UL and GUL, not on term life…..

Besides for with U.S. Financial Life, we have never seen a “preferred” rate offered on term life so far.  

That day may come soon for which some term life insurance companies offer “preferred” rates.

But as we learned from U.S. Financial Life’s diabetic marketing strategy, you should pay less attention to the rate classification for which you’ll qualify and more attention to the actual cost of the policy……  

If one companies standard rate is better than another’s preferred rate, then buy the standard rate if it’s from a quality company.


Diabetic Insurance Success Stories

Case 1
Received a call from an advisor who could not get his client insured on his own after having him apply to several different insurance companies.  This advisor contacted one of the well known diabetes life insurance websites, but did not like the way he was treated and how he felt pressured to do business with this website/agent.  This advisor was actually told by this website agent that the agent could block his client from getting offers from other agents.  This is total BS and no agent can block any other agent from doing business. 

As a side note, we don’t pressure anyone and we won’t even call you unless you ask us to.  We do not like pushy salespeople and our philosophy has always been to do the best job possible for everyone that gives us the opportunity and this seems to be working since we’ve been doing this since 1969. 

This prospect was a 26 year old male type 1 diabetic, diagnosed 3 years prior, his most recent A1C was 8.4, he already had mild neuropathy and he also had autoimmune polyglandular syndrome. 

This young gentleman had to have $3,000,000 of insurance for a buy-sell agreement.  Being as young as he was and fact that he already had neuropathy, with not such great blood sugar control and with the autoimmune polyglandular syndrome, this case was going to be a really tough one.

We shopped his case to underwriters at every life insurance company and we were able to get him a table 10 offer which was quickly accepted and placed in force. 

Case 2
Female age 61, type 2 diabetes diagnosed at age 50, recent A1C in low 6’s, good height/weight and good health otherwise.  She wanted $150,000- 20 year term or possibly guaranteed universal life (GUL) to age 90.

We made underwriting inquiries prior to having her apply as we were hoping we could convince the GUL underwriters to offer a preferred non-smoker rate, two of which said they may offer preferred non-smoker rate if everything else checks out as excellent and her A1C is in low 6’s on insurance exam results. 

The term insurance underwriters indicated they’d likely offer her a Standard rate since she’s had the diabetes for longer than 10 years, but they would consider her for lower rate class.

We shared our findings with the prospect with most probable best case $150,000 to age 90 rate of $164 per month and most probable best case rate of $106 per month for 20 year term.

She opted to apply for the 20 year term and we had her apply to the 2 most probable best companies for her so as to put the pressure on to get best offer.

We were able to get her approved at $150,000- 20 year term standard plus rate of $95.55 per month which was even lower than rate we quoted her. 


Case 3
Male age 37, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 9, recent A1C’s were in low to mid 6’s, but he had a great height/weight and overall excellent health otherwise.   

He was interested in a total of $4,000,000 of term insurance and we had him apply to the 2 most probable best insurance companies for him.

Being diagnosed with diabetes under the age of 10 and/or having it longer than 25 years can be a concern in life insurance underwriting.

One of the companies we had him apply to required him to have an EKG as part of his insurance exam, but the other did not. 

The company that required the EKG declined him due to what they considered an abnormal EKG which they felt showed a “Brugada syndrome pattern”.

The company that did not require an EKG approved him at Table 6 rate, which was an excellent offer based on his diabetes history. 

Case 4
Female age 37, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 1, most recent A1C was 5.9, uses 25 to 30 units of novolog insulin daily through an insulin pump, she was 5′ 4″- 130 pounds, exercises regularly and was in great health otherwise.   

There are many diabetic friendly life insurance companies that will decline diabetics diagnosed under the age of 5, even if they’re very well controlled. 

She told us she was declined by New York Life one year prior and she was told by other agents that she would not be able to qualify.

Her case was not an easy one, but we were confident we could get her approved. 

She agreed to apply and on day she decided to apply she mentioned that she does have a “very slight bit of retinopathy, but it tends to fade in and out per my eye doctor”. 

Fortunately we had her apply to the 2 most probable best companies for her because one declined and the other offered a Table 7 rating. 


Bottom Line on Getting The Best Life Insurance Rates for Diabetics

We will narrow down the best diabetes life insurance companies for you based on your particular history. We have shopped thousands of diabetes life insurance cases to hundreds of different insurance companies and we know the specific insurance companies that are best for every diabetic.

We also regularly make inquiries to underwriters at all of the insurance companies we deal with to get offers on cases that may be a little tougher to quote, before submitting applications.

All of these underwriters do their best to honor any offers we are given up front, as long as the medical information you provide to us is accurate.

All shopping on our end is done anonymously; we don’t provide any of your personal information to any life insurance company, underwriter or other entity until you formally decide to apply and sign and submit an actual application.

We can help you regardless of your particular diabetes situation and we can help you whether you want term life, universal life, or whole life insurance.

We are also happy to compete with any other life insurance agents, brokers, or website for your business as we will ultimately get you the best offer after you apply and are actually approved.

Just remember that anyone can quote you ANY rate, whether it’s accurate or not!! 

If you have already applied for life insurance with ANY life insurance company and you are not satisfied that you got the nest offer or if you were declined, we’d be happy to re-shop your case


So How Do I Apply for Diabetic Life Insurance?

Call us at 1-800-380-3533 or just use the link directly above to get an accurate quote or you can CLICK HERE TO EMAIL us with questions or for accurate quotes and we’ll start the process of getting you the best life insurance rate possible no matter what your diabetes history may be.

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