Life Insurance for Diabetics Type 1 or Type 2 // Rates [Plus Savings Tips]

Finding life insurance for diabetics can be a long and complicated process and trying to figure out rates, underwriting guidelines and which life insurance carriers will be best for you seems to be even more difficult.

If you're open to a different idea on how to obtain life insurance as a diabetic...

Instead of just applying to one insurance company and hoping for the best (which is NOT a good strategy)...

Then guess what?

life insurance for diabetics

Not only can you get life insurance as a diabetic, but if you go through the correct process, with the right independent agent, you can get the most affordable life insurance with diabetes.

There isn't a one size fits all answer, but we are able to get everyone we work with some coverage.

Today, this guide will go over how life insurance for people with diabetes will work, what the process for getting the best approval is, and how to get an accurate quote. 

What Is Life Insurance For Diabetics

While there isn’t a particular policy for someone who is diabetic and needs life insurance.

There is a specific set of underwriting criteria that you would need to meet before you can be approved for coverage.

There are hundreds of people getting approved at higher rates then they should get or even turned down for life insurance coverage daily due to having diabetes.

But hear me out: 

This is usually due to an inexperienced insurance agent submitting an application to any life insurance company and hoping for the best outcome.

Diabetic life insurance is life insurance for people with any type of diabetes.

Remember, just because one insurance company declined you for coverage due to diabetes, doesn’t mean that every insurance company will refuse you.

A good agent, broker, or website should quote you a range of what your cost could be and then do everything they can to get you the best offer. 

There is a complete process for anyone who needs this type of life insurance, and we discuss it below.

Why Insurance Companies Care If You're Diabetic

It isn’t that life insurance care about your diabetes, they actually just care about any type of risk that they may be taking on.

Diabetes falls into one of those higher risk factors, according to, diabetes was the seventh leading cause of death in the United States in 2015 based on the 79,535 death certificates in which diabetes was listed as the underlying cause of death.

I’m not trying to scare you with the above statistics.

However, insurance companies only see this as a potential risk, so before they can issue you a life insurance policy, they need to make sure they give you an accurate rate class to take you on as a customer.

Their ultimate goal is to determine if your current medical condition or situation will cause you to pass away sooner than you should, or if you will be able to live a normal life expectancy.

In the next section, we will discuss precisely what factors are used to determine your life insurance approval.

Life Insurance Underwriting For Diabetics

If you are a person with diabetes and you want to get life insurance, the insurance companies will take you through a process called underwriting to determine if you can be approved for coverage and what rate class they'll offer you.

Some of the things they look for are:

Type of Diabetes

The type of diabetes you have will play a significant role in the cost of your life insurance policy.


If you are a Type 1 Diabetic, you are probably on insulin, and your rates could be slightly higher than they would be if you were only on Metformin or other oral medications.


People with Type 2 diabetes usually get better rates because most people that have diabetes are Type 2, and Type 2 diabetes is seen as easier to manage than Type 1. 

There is also Gestational diabetes that usually diagnosed to pregnant women but usually goes away after the pregnancy. 

I haven’t seen any situations in the past where gestational diabetes affected a customers rates.


However, I do recommend applying for life insurance before you get pregnant or after the pregnancy.

Whether you had type 1 diabetes diagnosed as a child or type 1 or type 2 diabetic diagnosed as an adult, there are life insurance companies that will provide good policy offers.

Good Hemoglobin A1C

Your A1C level is one of the most important metrics when it comes to acquiring the absolute best diabetic life insurance rate possible.

An optimal HbA1C for life insurance underwriting purposes is less than 7.0%.

Most of the competitive life insurance companies for diabetics will decline you if your A1C is above 9.0.

However, some relatively competitive insurance companies may offer you coverage if your A1C is less than 10.

This, of course, is assuming your health is okay otherwise, and you have not had any diabetic complications like neuropathy, retinopathy, nephropathy or other kidney issues.

Height & Weight

Your height and weight are significant factors in acquiring the best rate because being overweight is a contributing factor to diabetes, especially type 2. 

So, maintaining a proper weight should help you maintain better blood sugar control and will help you secure the best life insurance quote possible.

Age Diagnosed

The final piece of the puzzle in acquiring the best life insurance rate if you have diabetes, is your age when diagnosed with diabetes and how long you’ve had diabetes. 

The older you were when you were diagnosed, the better, as far as life insurance underwriting is concerned.

Life insurance for seniors will be more affordable if they have diabetes than it would be for a young adult. 

Overall Health 

Having optimal cholesterol levels, blood pressure and overall good health are also things that the best life insurance companies for diabetics will look at and these can help us to get you credits for an even better offer...

As long as we put the pressure on!

Life Insurance For Diabetics Type 1

There are some really aggressive insurance companies that will offer great rates on life insurance for type 1 diabetes even if you were diagnosed at a young age.

Your age when you were initially diagnosed and how long you’ve had the diabetes are important factors in determining best rates for you.  

The older you were when diagnosed with diabetes the better the offers will be.

The actual rate for which you qualify will be determined based on the results of your free life insurance exam and the insurance companies’ review of your medical records.

Preferred Plus and Preferred rates are not available to type 1 diabetics.

How to get The best life insurance rate as A type 1 diabetic

There are some no exam companies that will make offers to type 1 diabetics diagnosed under the age of 20 to 30, but the best of these companies would still need to review your medical records.

All of the best insurance companies for juvenile onset type 1 diabetics will request your medical records to verify your history.

While you can’t change anything in your medical records, proper preparation for your insurance medical exam is very important.

To get the best possible results you need to be ready for your exam because the results will have a huge impact on the rate for which you’ll qualify. 

We ideally want your A1C to be less than 7.5, and your cholesterol levels, blood pressure, kidney functions, height/weight and all else to be optimal on the insurance exam results.

If you need to take a month or more to get in tip-top shape prior to applying for life insurance then I say go for it because it can give you massive savings.

Why type 1 diabetics pay more for life insurance

Type 1 diabetes is a disorder characterized by an absolute deficiency of insulin resulting in elevations in blood sugar.

Chronic elevations in blood sugar are linked to long term damage, dysfunction and failure of the kidneys, heart, blood vessels, nerves and eyes. 

Chronic complications of diabetes are the primary cause of premature death and for many people with diabetes, the longer they have the disease, the harder it is to maintain good control.

The major complications or issues associated with type 1 diabetes are:

  • Atherosclerosis with stroke
  • mini-stroke
  • heart attack 
  • peripheral vascular disease
  • End Stage Kidney Failure
  • Diabetic neuropathy 
  • Immune system difficulties
  • foot ulcers
  • Diabetic Ketoacidosis 
  • Diabetic retinopathy

Type 1 Diabetic Life Insurance Rates

The rates below are monthly rates based on current age and age of diabetes diagnosis for $250,000 - 20 year guaranteed level term life insurance policy for non-tobacco users:

Sample Type 1 Diabetic Life Insurance Rates For Men

Current Age


Age 6-9

Diagnosed Age 10-14


Age 15-19


$48 - $56

$45 - $52 

 $41 - $48


$54 - $61

$49 - $57  

$45 - $54


$76 - $88 

$70 - $82

$64 - $76


$​​​​123 - $143

$113 - $133

$104 - $123


$182 - $211

$167 - $197

 $152 - $182


$280 - $326

$257 - $303

$234 - $280


$483 - $562

$443 - $523

 $403 - $483

Sample Type 1 Diabetic Life Insurance Rates For Women

Current Age


Age 6-9

Diagnosed Age 10-14


Age 15-19


$42 - $48

$39 - $45

$36 - $42


$48 - $55

$44 - $51

$41 - $48


$62 - $71 

$57 - $67

$52 - $62


$94 - $109

$87 - $102

$79 - $94


$138 - $160

$127 - $149

$116 - $138


$204 - $237

$187 - $221

$171 - $204


$338 - $393

 $310 - $366

$283 - $338

Ignore Anyone Who Says You Can’t Qualify

We get contacted all the time by people who have been told by their agent that they won't be able to qualify for coverage due to their type 1 diabetes. 

However, this is completely inaccurate information because I can’t recall one time that a customer with type 1 diabetes has contacted us and we were not able to get the person in question an offer of life insurance.

Granted, the insurance offers may cost more than you’re willing to spend, but it is highly unlikely that you won’t be able to qualify for any life insurance...and guaranteed issue is always a last resort.


You do need to realize that there are some life insurance companies that will automatically decline type 1 diabetics diagnosed at a young age.

Many agents also have no clue how to accurately quote type 1 diabetics and they have no process to shop these cases effectively.

But we do: 

Don’t be discouraged, even if you’re told more than once that you’re not insurable, because this is rarely the case.

Feel free to call us at 1-800-380-3533, click here to email us or simply click on the link below to get an accurate quote from the absolute best life insurance companies in the country for type 1 diabetics!

Life Insurance For Diabetics Type 2

According to the American Diabetes Association:

“If you have type 2 diabetes, your body does not use insulin properly and over time it can’t make enough insulin to keep your blood glucose at normal levels."

As long as it is controlled, if you have Type 2 diabetes it will be easier for you to get approved for life insurance than people who are Type 1 diabetics. 

This is because Type 2 diabetes holds less of a risk than Type 1 diabetes to insurance companies. 

Because Type 2 diabetes is less risky to insurance companies you are also able to receive more affordable rates if you are a type 2 diabetic.  

While there are currently 4 insurance companies who may offer Preferred rates to some type 2 diabetics, one of these companies will only offer to ages 60+ and the other 3 will only offer to those ages 70+.

Most Type 2's will only qualify for Regular Plus or Regular rates or with a table rating. 

Diabetes Life Insurance With Complications

If you have complications with your diabetes, like blindness, neuropathy, kidney disease, or A1C levels of 10 or higher...

Then the best life insurance rates for which you could qualify can get very expensive, or you may not be eligible at all with most insurance companies.

As a last resort solution, we can offer you guaranteed acceptance life insurance for which any person with diabetes (type 1 or 2) can qualify, which is only offered at small amounts to help pay for final expenses.

We’ll narrow down the best diabetes life insurance companies for you based on your overall health and diabetes history.

We will then have you apply to the best insurance company or companies and we’ll negotiate with the underwriters and do everything we can to get you the absolute best offer possible.

Sample Diabetic Life Insurance Rates

The rates below are monthly rates for adult onset diabetics based on current age and age of diabetes diagnosis for $250,000 - 20 year guaranteed level term life insurance policy for non-tobacco users:

Sample Diabetic Life Insurance Rates For Men

Current Age


Age 20 - 29

Diagnosed Age 30 - 39


Age 40+


$34 - $41

$26 - $34



$37 - $45

$29 - $37  



$53 - $64

$41 - $53

$33 - $41


$84 - $107

$64 - $74

$50- $64


$123 - $152

$94 - $123

 $64 - $94


$188 - $234

$166 - $188

$97 - $143


$324 - $403

$284 - $324

 $164 - $244

Sample Diabetic Life Insurance Rates For Women

Current Age


Age 20 - 29

Diagnosed Age 30 - 39


Age 40+


$30 - $36

$24 - $30



$33 - $40

$26 - $33



$42 - $51

$33 - $42

$27 - $33


$65 - $79

$40 - $57

$39 - $50


$94 - $116

$72 - $94

$48 - $72


$137 - $171

$121 - $137

$70 - $104


$226 - $281

 $198 - $226

$115 - $170

I’ve shown two rates in each category above as a range of the most probable cost, but better offers are always possible!

Best Diabetic Life Insurance Companies In 2019

Below are the 5 best best diabetic life insurance companies in 2019.  Honorable mentions can go to Pacific Life, Protective Life and Zurich Life, but the companies shown below are usually best!


Best For

Age Diagnosed

Face Amount

banner life logo

If You Have Controlled Type 2 Diabetes

Case By Case

Based On Age

american general life insurance

If You Have Controlled Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes

Case By Case

Based On Age

john hancock life insurance logo

If You Have Controlled Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes

Case By Case

Based On Age

If You Have Controlled Type 2 Diabetes

Case By Case

Based On Age

prudential logo

If You Have Controlled Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes

Case By Case

Up To $20,000,000

No Exam Diabetic Life Insurance

There are plenty of companies that offer life insurance without a medical exam for people with diabetes. 

These no exam companies will require you to answer health questions, but no exam is required.

Keep in mind that this probably won't be the most affordable option because along with having diabetes, you are electing not to take an exam, so you can definitely expect rates to be higher.

No-Exam Diabetic Life Insurance Companies 

Following is a list of the many life insurance companies that DO NOT require an exam or a blood test and that offer guaranteed level rates.

We’ll shop with all of them to get you best offer if you don’t want to have a blood test or exam, just don't expect to get instant life insurance:

  • American National
  • American Continental
  • American Memorial
  • Assurity Life
  • Fidelity Life
  • Lafayette Life
  • Royal Neighbors of America
  • SBLI
  • United Home Life
  • 5 Star Life
  • Americo
  • American Amicable Life
  • Equitable Life
  • Foresters
  • Pacific Life (age 50- 69 only)
  • Sagicor Life
  • Transamerica
  • United of Omaha

The best no exam life insurance companies for diabetics will request medical records from your doctor prior to making you an offer.

We have had some really excellent offers for many type 1 and type 2 diabetics that didn’t want to have an exam.

No-Exam Vs Exam Required Diabetic Life Insurance Rates

Below are some best case scenario monthly "No Exam" compared to "Exam Required" rates at various ages for $250,000 of 20 year term. Also showing how much money you could save each year by having the exam.

Sample No Exam Vs Exam Required Diabetic Rates - Men


No Exam

Exam Required

Annual Savings





























Sample No-Exam Vs Exam Required Diabetic Rates- Women


No Exam

Exam Required

Annual Savings





























Preferred Diabetic Life Insurance Age 60+

There are currently 4 out of the thousands of insurance companies available in the U.S. right now that may offer a preferred life insurance rate to you if you're age 60 or older.

To get a Preferred rate as a diabetic, you must be over age 60 or 70 at the time you apply for life insurance.

Diagnosis really needs to have been made over the previous 5 to 10 years.

A1C must be 7.0 or less, with no past or present diabetic complications and overall health must check out as good otherwise (i.e. good cholesterol levels, BP, kidney functions, good height/weight, etc.).  

Check out these best case $250,000- 10, 15, 20 year and lifetime guaranteed level monthly rates below for males and females ages 60 to 75:


10 Year

15 Year

20 Year


Male 60





Male 65





Male 70





Male 75






Female 60





Female 65





Female 70





Female 75





My personal belief, after shopping so many cases, is that even the companies that claim to possibly offer preferred will usually find some reason to not offer preferred...and which is why we always get multiple real offers and then put the pressure on when negotiating.

7 Diabetic Life Insurance Case Studies

Case 1 - 49 Y/O Male - Table 4 Approval

Customer was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 18 months old, but he was in great health otherwise and had excellent control with A1C in high 5’s and low 6’s.

Many companies decline people with a health history of diabetes diagnosed prior to the age of 5 or 10. 

Customer had original table 5 as best offer on table, which was still great offer, but I was able to negotiate to get him down to table 4.

I was shocked that the insurance company agreed to offer Table 4.

The customer told me he had applied every year for past several years, but never accepted a policy because he thought they were way overpriced.

However, he was impressed with the Table 4 approval and accepted it.


Case 2 - 52 Y/O Male - Table 2 Approval

A customer in CA who was 52 and a type 1 diabetic, diagnosed at age 25 with decent health and recent A1C's in high 6’s and low 7’s. 

He had two original offers both table 3, but I was able to get one offer reduced to table 2 which he gladly accepted.  

Case 3 - 37 Y/O Female - Table 7 Approval 

Customer was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 1, most recent A1C was 5.9. 

She uses 25 to 30 units of novolog insulin daily through an insulin pump and she was 5′ 4″ at 130 pounds, exercises regularly and was in great health.

She told me she was declined by New York Life one year prior and she was told by other agents that she would not be able to qualify for any life insurance.

On the day she decided to apply, she mentioned that she does have a “very slight bit of retinopathy, but it tends to fade in and out per my eye doctor.”

There was no mention of this when I previously asked her if she had any diabetic type of complications.

I had her apply to the 2 most probable companies that would possibly approve her and one declined her due to juvenile onset diabetes and history of retinopathy, and the other offered a Table 7 rating.

Case 4 - 61 Y/O Female - Standard Plus Approval 

Customer was a type 2 diabetic and diagnosed at age 50 and her recent A1C’s were in the 6’s and overall she was in decent health.

I was able to get her a Standard Plus (Regular Plus) offer on term life insurance. 

Case 5 - 26 Y/O Male - Table 10 Approval 

I Received a call from an Advisor who could not get his client insured on his own after having him apply to several different insurance companies. 

His prospect was a 26 year old male type 1 diabetic, diagnosed 3 years prior, his most recent A1C was 8.4, he already had mild neuropathy and he also had autoimmune polyglandular syndrome.

 He had to have $3,000,000 of insurance for a buy-sell agreement.

 Since he was young and already had neuropathy, with not such great blood sugar control and with the autoimmune polyglandular syndrome, this case was going to be a really tough one. 

We shopped his case to underwriters at every life insurance company and we were able to get him a Table 10 offer which was quickly accepted and placed in force. 

Case 6 - 37 Y/O Male - Table 6 Approval 

Customer was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 9, recent A1C's were in low to mid 6's.

His height/weight and overall health was excellent and he was interested in a total of $4,000,000 of term insurance.

We had him apply to the 2 companies that would be most likely to approve him for coverage.

Being diagnosed with diabetes under the age of 10 and/or having it longer than 25 years can be a concern in life insurance underwriting.

One of the companies we had him apply to required him to have an EKG as part of his insurance exam, but the other did not.

The company that required the EKG declined him due to what they considered an abnormal EKG which they felt showed a "Brugada syndrome pattern".

The company that did not require an EKG approved him at Table 6 rate, which was an excellent offer based on his diabetes history.

Case 7 - 43 Y/O Male - Standard Approval

Male 43 diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about 18 months ago, A1C low 6's, good height/weight and overall good health otherwise.

Quoted him Table 2 rates as this is normal best case based on his age, but had him apply for Standard rates with the two most probable best companies for him.

They both approved him at table 2 rates, but I was able to get one of the companies to reduce their offer to the lower Standard rate class.

Hopefully you can see that each case is different and that we will get you the most accurate quote and then fight to get you the best rate.

How To Apply For Life Insurance As A Diabetic

If you have diabetes, the only way to apply for life insurance is through an experienced agent.

Over the past 50+ years, we have created a unique process that we follow in order to make sure that you can get the best life insurance rates for diabetic.

We will take you through the following steps:

We Shop Anonymously

All shopping on our end is done anonymously; we don’t provide any of your personal information to any life insurance company, underwriter or other entity until you formally decide to apply and sign and submit the actual application.

We can help you regardless of your particular diabetes situation and we can help you whether you want term life, universal life, or whole life insurance.

If you have already applied for life insurance with any life insurance company and you are not convinced that you got the best offer or if you were declined, we'd be happy to re-shop your case

Then Narrow Down The Companies

We will narrow down the best diabetes life insurance companies for you based on your particular history. 

We have shopped thousands of diabetes life insurance cases to hundreds of different insurance companies and we know the specific insurance companies that are best for every diabetic.

We also regularly make inquiries to underwriters at all of the insurance companies we deal with to get offers on cases that may be a little tougher to quote, before submitting applications.

We Submit Dual Life Insurance Applications

We have the easiest 5 to 10 minute application process in the insurance industry.

We have our diabetic clients apply to more than one company right off the bat for two reasons: 

More Negotiating Room

It gives us negotiating room between the two companies which results in lower rates for you.

So, if Company A makes a better offer than Company B, we go back to the underwriter at Company B and try to negotiate a better underwriting decision than Company A gave.

This has worked in our clients favor so many times because we always end up with the best rate for them.

Hopefully you understand why it's in your best interest to get more than one real offer and to apply to more than one company at the same time.

Better Offers

There’s a database called the MIB which all insurance companies use to see your life insurance application history over the past 7 years.

When we submit dual applications, underwriters at each of the companies won’t usually see MIB codes for the concurrent apps.

That information is not usually available until after the underwriting has been completed and an offer has been made. 

We Negotiate For The Best Offer

We’ve determined over the years that better offers get made when one insurance company isn't being swayed by the underwriting outcome of another company. 

It is no more difficult for you to submit two applications instead of one using our system and you would only need to complete one exam, at no cost to you. 

Everything we do is in your best interest and we do it because we are 100% certain that it will result in you getting the absolute best life insurance policy offer possible.

The best part about all of this is that our service is free and you will not be obligated to pay anything by applying.

Take Action

Before you apply for life insurance for diabetics anywhere, you need to contact us first or click here to get an accurate quote.


All you need to do is complete our simple electronic application on your time (takes 5 to 10  minutes) and then we'll do the rest!

Since 1969 we have been helping type 1 and type 2 diabetics to get the best life insurance rate and value possible from the most competitive insurance companies in America.

Whether you have juvenile onset diabetes or adult onset diabetes, with great control, average control or poor control, we have a solution for you.

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