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We know it can be a concern when dealing online with the “unknown” guy on the phone or via email, so here is a little information about us.

We are a family owned/operated insurance agency, Gordon E. Conwell Associates, Inc.. We own which is our primary life insurance website.

Gordon Conwell, III (known as G3) has experience in dealing with “impaired risk” and tougher life insurance cases since 1992, including his own. He’s helped thousands of unhealthy and healthy people find the best life insurance rate and value!  As a long time fighter and martial artist, G3 is used to fighting for what he believes in.  Getting people affordable life insurance is what he fights for now!

Gordon Conwell, Jr. (known as G2) has been in the life insurance brokerage industry since 1969.  After 50+ years of helping thousands of people get the best life insurance rate and product for their needs, he has no plans to stop doing what he does best…providing great advice and help in securing best life insurance to anyone who needs it.

G2 learned early on in his career that there was no one best insurance company or one best product to suit everyone’s needs. G2 taught G3 well and “always doing what’s best for the client” has helped us maintain a profitable business.  

We have always offered our clients the best rates from numerous insurance companies as there has never been one or even ten or twenty insurance companies that are best for everyone.

To this day, we can continue to seek out new and innovative life insurance products for our clients as rates and products are always changing.

We are Consultants Who Don’t Charge for Our Service!

We are consultants, not salespeople.   It is our goal to get you the best life insurance rate and product that fits your needs and budget.

We specialize in life insurance for people that have trouble qualifying for good rates (i.e. diabetics, people with heart disease, height/weight issues, past cancer, senior citizen’s, cigarette or other tobacco users, private pilots, etc.).

People who have no health or other issues are easy and we will always get them the best rates and value in the country from quality insurance companies!

Plus we won't hassle you to buy from us as we've heard all the horror stories...with 15+ phone calls every day pressuring you to buy now!! 

Our Relationships and Negotiating Power Result In Best Offers For You

Over the past 50+ years, we’ve developed great relationships with underwriters and reps from all of the competitive insurance companies.

These relationships in addition to our shopping process have helped us in securing the best offers for our clients.

We won't accept anything but the best offer and we negotiate for better offers every day.

You probably didn't know that every offer is negotiable, huh?

You Cannot Rely On Quotes!

Please remember that anyone can quote you ANY insurance rate, whether it’s accurate or not!

Anyone can provide you with the best quote, what you want is the best offer!!

We've helped hundreds of people that have qualified for higher rates elsewhere to get a better offer...even after their former agent "shopped the case".  

We are happy to compete with any other agents/websites or brokers for your business as we are 100% confident that we will ultimately get you best rate and value after you apply and we get the actual offers.

Buy Life Insurance Online with a Trusted Adviser (that's us)

The biggest complaint we've heard from others that have shopped online for life insurance, is the lack of personal attention and/or lack of expertise on the agents part...

Do you want the inexperienced agent or person whose only job is to sell you something as your agent...of course you don't!!

Unfortunately, this is the trend in online shopping for life insurance...and you DON'T want to deal with a call center agent who you never hear from again after applying.

But not with us as you only deal with one of us and our service is second to none and we'll monitor your policy even after you buy to make sure you always have the best rate and best value!  

Plus we have the easiest process online to apply to any life insurance companies or multiple companies...5 minutes is all our e-application takes and it can be completed any time that's best for you (do it at 2AM, if that's best for you). 

Below are what some others have said about us and our service and we hope you’ll give us a shot to quote! 


“Gordon Conwell saved us $4175 per year on our life insurance. Thanks Gordon!” – Marlene & Everett Colbert, Winnebago, IL

“We refer our clients with life insurance needs to Gordon Conwell and Co. because they do an excellent job with preferred, standard and substandard cases. They are independent and represent so many different companies. We have placed our own personal life and LTC business with them. We continue to be impressed with their excellent due diligence regarding the companies they deal with and the outstanding service to our clients. We have had a number of cases where clients had quotes with other companies and/or through the internet and/or through groups…..invariably the Conwell’s beat them all. They always work in the best interest of the client and their honesty and integrity is without equal. We have had numerous compliments from our clients regarding the prices and service. We are very proud and pleased that we have chosen the Conwell’s to work with over the last 20 years.”
Edward J Kohlhepp, CFP®, ChFC
Kohlhepp Investment Advisors, Ltd.
Doylestown, PA

“Gordon had me apply to 2 insurance co’s to let them compete for my business. I accepted the policy from the company that was better for me based on the rate and information Gordon gave me about the insurance company. I would refer anyone who needs life insurance to Gordon Conwell”
David Andrukonis, Arlington, VA

“I applied to a company that charged me a much higher rate than I was expecting due to what Gordon considered minor issues. Gordon had me apply to 2 other co’s, and the better offer came back $1500 less per year than the first offer. Thanks Gordon!”.           
-Dr. Octavio Salazar- Pittsburgh, PA

“The insurance company initially offered me a higher rate due to my cholesterol level being over their guideline. Gordon was able to get them to offer the lowest rate anyway which saved me $480 per year.”- Dr. Ara Maranian, Helotes, TX

“Thank you for your diligence in finding the best coverage for me. I have recommended you to a friend”- Charles S., Camarillo, CA

“Gordon saved me over $1,900 per year on life insurance. I’d refer Gordon Conwell to anyone who needs life insurance or is interested in saving money on life insurance.”   – Stephen Schroeder,  Southampton, PA

“I thank you for your effort on my behalf. You are definitely someone I will recommend to anyone seeking Life Insurance”- Thomas R. Smith, Humble, TX

“When I do annual reviews with my clients, I find out what life insurance they have and what they pay. I check with Gordon to see if the rate they pay is fair or overpriced. In many situations I’ve found my clients are paying too much or have the wrong type of insurance altogether. Gordon offers my clients the best rates and products available.”
Gaetan Leone, CPA, Turnersville, NJ

“Thanks for everything.  You offer a level of service that is unparalleled Gordon.  I have found you to be one of the most professional people I have worked with in any field.  You do an excellent job.”- Daniel Brace, San Luis Obispo, CA

“I have sold insurance but found that my expertise and true interest is in financial planning. I refer my clients who need life insurance or just need to confirm that they have the best plan and rate to Gordon Conwell. The Conwell’s do business with every quality insurance company I know of and always get my clients the best rate and product for their particular situation.”
P. Stephen Houser, Jr., CLU, ChFC, MCRS
President/CEO, The Planning Solutions Advantage

“Thanks for all your help. I will not hesitate to refer you to any of my friends/family when they have a need for your services.”- Keith Stickel, Middlesex NJ 

“I’m a Citizen of India living in the United States on Work Visa and many insurance companies were not willing to insure me. Gordon was able to find an insurance company that offered me a great rate! It was a smooth sailing all along. I had asked him about the quotes couple of years back. Then I didn’t go with it. And then again I got in touch with him. Gordon was patient, and handled my queries about the quotes, back and forth over the years. And finally after 3 years I decided on one of the quotes. But all this time working with him was a breeze. I would recommend his service to everyone who takes time to decide. Because Gordon will be patient and offer you the best rate in the market.” 
– Rajaneesh Hegde- Houston, TX  

I can’t thank you enough for your invaluable help, I couldn’t have done it without you. – Louis Simonet- Kissimmee, Florida

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