It Can Take Work To Get the Best Life Insurance Rate!



If you have two different underwriting issues, like heart disease and diabetes or diabetes and sleep apnea, getting the best life insurance rate can require some work.

If you add a third and/or fourth underwriting issue, like being overweight, having anxiety, and/or depression in addition to having heart disease and diabetes, this can make your case even tougher.

Many agents don’t want to deal with these tougher, multi-impairment cases, but we have underwriting these tougher cases down to a science.

It’s not always easy for me, and I do sometimes choose the wrong insurance company initially, but it is easy for me to flip anyone from one insurance company to another as soon as I get a less than acceptable offer.

Which Insurance Company Is Going To Be The Best?

I had a case for a 63 year old male, well controlled type 2 diabetic, 6’ 1” – 297 pounds, has Barrett’s Esophagus, and had recent thyroid removal due to a benign enlargement, but other than this his health appeared good based on questions he answered for me initially.

Based on the health information above, I had him apply for a $100,000 term rate of $109 per month.  After receiving his medical records, in addition to everything he told me, he also had sleep apnea, which his original sleep study showed was severe.  The first company offered him a rate of $179 per month based on his combination of issues.

There are life insurance companies that will decline people that were diagnosed with severe sleep apnea all by itself, so when you also consider the diabetes, the height/weight, and the Barrett’s Esophagus, a $179 per month offer was not terrible. I suspect many agents would have tried to convince my client that he got a decent offer.


We’ll Do Everything We Can To Get You the Best Offer!

I did believe I could get my client a better offer with another insurance company. I first discussed the case with the underwriter from the first company in my attempt to get him to make a better offer, but he would not change the offer.

My client indicated to me that it didn’t even dawn on him to mention the sleep apnea when I originally questioned him about his health, even though I did ask him initially if he had ANY other medical issues.  My client did not tell me about his sleep apnea originally by mistake, as it had been very well controlled for 10 years.  I do understand when you have some more significant health history that it is easy to overlook something that may not seem like an issue.

Consequently, I emailed and spoke to underwriters I know at numerous other insurance companies that are usually more aggressive for severe sleep apnea, providing a summary of the health history of this individual with specifics about his diabetes, height/weight, Barrett’s Esophagus, and the severe sleep apnea being well controlled with CPAP.

I got a bunch of offers that were mostly in the low $140 to low $150 per month range, but the best “verbal” offer I was given was $127 per month.

I had my client sign a form for the $127 per month rate, and because my client’s recent A1C, cholesterol, and blood pressure were pretty good, I asked the underwriter for credits for an even better offer than $127.  Eventually, I was able to get my client bumped up to one better rate classification, and he ended up getting the same rate I originally quoted of $109 per month for $100,000 of term with this different insurance company.  Very strange coincidence!

The moral to this story is I could have told my client that the original offer of $179 per month was not bad considering he had four different underwriting issues, and that would have been truthful. I really believed I could get him a better offer, so I had to try.  It did add another two weeks or so to the process, so it took me both time and effort to inquire with underwriters from other insurance companies and to keep pushing for a better offer even after “the best” offer was made.


We’ll Do What’s Best For You, Even If We Make Less Money

I would have made $732 more if I had gotten my client to accept the initial offer, but I NEVER sell or make recommendations based on commission. 

While I believe there are good insurance agents like me/us out there, I also believe many agents would have tried to convince my client that the first offer was the best for him strictly because they would make more money by going that route.

I am a big believer in karma, and I’m a man of my word. Trust me, I will get you the absolute best life insurance rate and value exactly as I claim to do.  I promise!

Furthermore, I can currently offer you rates from over 121 of America’s top life insurance companies, and I’m always on the lookout for innovative insurance companies with good financial ratings that have some underwriting niche or other benefits.

I feel one of my best skills after doing this for the past 27 years is to know the best rates and insurance companies for anyone based on their health and other history.  If your case is more complicated, and you have more than one underwriting issue, I’ll make inquiries to lots of insurance companies prior to quoting you any rates.

Although I don’t always choose the ultimate best life insurance company on my first try, I never settle for anything but the best offer, and I’ll do what it takes to get you the best life insurance rate and value possible.

I work for you, NOT for any life insurance companies. If you feel like you may not really have the best life insurance rate, or your current agent is not doing their best for you, call or email me, and I’ll let you know the real best rate available to you.


Contact Us if we can help you and we’d appreciate the opportunity

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