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With customer service that is second to none and with term and permanent life insurance products that automatically include critical and chronic illness living benefits (in most States), Columbus Life is one of those “hidden gems” in the life insurance industry that most agents, brokers or websites are not quoting.

Owned by Western & Southern Financial Group and with some of the best financial ratings in the insurance industry, Columbus Life is a cutting edge insurance company with innovative products that could be the best insurance company for you.

Best Life Insurance With Living Benefits

If you want a term life, indexed universal life, guaranteed universal life or survivorship universal life policy with critical and chronic illness living benefits, Columbus Life should always be a consideration as they have very competitive rates and are the only insurer that does not charge an extra premium and offers a defined benefit for critical and chronic illnesses. No other insurance companies currently offer a defined benefit for critical or chronic illnesses on their life insurance policies without charging extra.

They are also one of the best companies to get life insurance for diabetics.

What this means is that Columbus Life will pay you a specific amount of money from your life insurance death benefit amount if you have a heart attack, angioplasty, bypass surgery, stroke, life threatening cancer, end stage kidney failure or major organ transplant OR if you cannot do 2 of the 6 activities of daily living (ADL’s) without assistance. ADL’s include eating, bathing, continence, dressing, toileting or transferring.

Click Here to email us or just click secure link below if you’d like to get an accurate Columbus Life insurance quote. At same time, we will also review other insurance company’s rates that include critical and/or chronic illness living benefits, like AGLA, Transamerica, Life of Southwest, ANICO and others for term or North American Company for Life & Health, United of Omaha, Symetra, Penn Mutual and others for permanent insurance.

If you do request a quote, we will also email you the absolute lowest rate available to you without critical and chronic illness living benefits at same time if there is a significant cost savings to you. We understand that cost is an issue for most people, so if the lowest rate possible is what you ultimately want, we can provide you with the lowest rate in the country.

Click Here for an Accurate Columbus Life Quote

When Is Columbus Life Competitive

While not really what we consider a “high risk” insurance company, for people with minor health issues, like some well-controlled type 2 diabetics or some mild coronary artery disease cases that only required 1 stent, Columbus Life has made some great offers on some of these and some others with mild impairments.

Columbus Life does happen to have one of the best Guaranteed Universal Life rates available for which you can get guaranteed coverage to your age 90, 95 or for your entire lifetime. They do also offer a “table shave” or rate reduction on this product for people with some health issues. So if you’re about age 60 or older and have some minor health issues, a Columbus Life policy with guaranteed level rate to age 90 may be less expensive than other insurance companies 20 year term rates. 

If you want a survivorship universal life insurance policy, especially in a 1 pay scenario, Columbus Life’s Legacy G Survivorship Universal Life policy can rarely be beat in price for people in average or better health!

Columbus Life underwriters are easy to talk to and have made underwriting exceptions for us on some of our cases.  Having underwriters who understand that some people with minor issues deserve exceptions is great for consumers like you.

Important To Know

Columbus Life won’t offer their critical and chronic illness “living benefits” to anyone that is rated higher than a Table 3 rating. So if you’re a juvenile onset type 1 diabetic or if you’ve had a heart attack prior to age 50 or that required more than one stent or bypass surgery and you want critical and chronic illness benefits on your life insurance policy, Columbus Life may not be best for you.

Click Here for an Accurate Columbus Life Quote

Bottom Line

When we look at Columbus Life’s rates and compare them to many other insurance company’s rates, with or without the critical and chronic illness benefits, the Columbus Life rates appear too good to be true. We suspect they will increase rates on new policies sold at some point in the future, so now is the best time to buy a policy and lock into the best coverage that includes a critical and chronic illness benefit

So call us at 1-800-380-3533, Click Here to email us or just click on the secure link above if you’d like an accurate quote and/or use the quoting tool to the right to see all rates available to you from hundred’s of different insurance companies.

Rates and products can change at anytime, so we always research rates from many companies on EVERY case!

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