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Ethos life insurance provides a platform for which almost everyone age 18- 65 can get up to $2,000,000 of term life insurance or ages 18- 85 can get up to $100,000 of whole life in force right away. 

Ethos life insurance is underwritten by four carriers, Legal & General/Banner Life, Ameritas Life Insurance Corp., TruStage Financial Group and Senior Life Insurance Company.

If you apply and don't qualify for best rates, you'll be offered other rate/product. 

This will be the easiest life insurance you'll ever qualify for!!

Ethos Life Insurance Review

Ethos has hundred's of great reviews.

Since there's more and more of these "instant issue" life insurance carriers like Haven Life, Ladder Life, Bestow,  Hero Life, and others popping up fairly regularly...let's compare rates.

Below are $1,000,000- 10 year term monthly rates from Ethos and all of their competitors mentioned above, for both males (M) and females (F) ages 40, 50 and 60 in very good health and in average or Standard health:

$1,000,000- 10 Year Term Best Preferred Rates


Haven Life

Ladder Life


Hero Life

M40=  $45

F 40=   $36 

M40=  $26

F 40=   $25

M40=  $38

F 40=   $35

M40=  $66

F 40=   $49

M40=  $52

F 40=   $44

M50=  $90

F 50=   $75

M50=  $150

F 50=   $109

M50=  $97

F 50=   $80

M50= $127

F 50=  $99

M50=   $113

F 50=    $86

M60=  $262

F 60=   $180

M60=  $447

F 60=   $348

M60=  $272

F 60=   $180

M60=  $320

F 60=   $247

M60=  $308

F 60=   $210

$1,000,000- 10 Year Term Standard Rates


Haven Life

Ladder Life


Hero Life

M40=  $77

F 40=   $57 

M40=  $76

F 40=   $64

M40=  $81

F 40=   $73

M40=  $131

F 40=   $85

M40=  $95

F 40=   $81

M50=  $169

F 50=   $125

M50=  $197

F 50=   $146

M50=  $210

F 50=   $157

M50=  $241

F 50=   $170

M50=  $240

F 50=   $178

M60=  $442

F 60=   $302

M60=  $670

F 60=   $442

M60=  $504

F 60=   $320

M60=  n/a

F 60=   n/a

M60=  $644

F 60=   $412

We were not able to acquire male and female standard age 60 rates from Bestow.  Rates above were rounded to nearest dollar and can be changed by carriers at any time. We'll do our best to keep rates updated.

All of the above are owned or underwritten by quality Excellent and Superior AM Best rated insurance companies.  

While one is not really better than the others, based on the current rates shown above Ethos term life insurance offers the lowest cost and more options for those over age 45.  Haven Life may offer best cost for those age 45 or younger.   

Ethos Life Insurance is legit

Gone are the days when you have to talk to an agent or a live person to get life insurance coverage.

Ethos and the other instant approval carriers fill a need that is long overdue.

Important to keep in mind that almost all of the competitive "regular" life insurance companies offer accelerated underwriting or coverage without an exam...

Companies like American General, Banner Life, Pacific Life, Prudential, Protective Life, Symetra and others will approve you without an exam and at lower rates than Ethos or the other instant issue carriers, if you're in decent health.

Negatives about Ethos life insurance

Ethos and the other instant term carriers are not convertible to permanent life insurance, like most traditional term carriers.

Ethos and other carriers above do not offer the "latest and greatest" life insurance products with chronic and/or critical illness living benefits.

Important to know that you will be giving up some features that could benefit you someday by purchasing life insurance through Ethos, Haven Life and the others.  

Is Ethos life insurance good

Ethos is good and is a conglomerate of several great insurers coming together to offer good rates in a quick and easy way.

Ethos is perfect if you don't want to deal with an agent and/or if you need life insurance in a hurry.

If you have heart disease, diabetes, you're very overweight or if you're a senior looking for absolute best life insurance rate, than Ethos won't be best for you.  

If you apply with Ethos, Haven Life or any of the other instant carriers above and don't qualify for a rate that is acceptable to you, then give us a call or text at 800-380-3533 or click here to email us.

We'll be happy to help you find the absolute best rate and product for you from the absolute best life insurance companies in the country.


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