Best Life Insurance Rate If You Have Diabetes

While underwriting guidelines can and do change and there are exceptions made…keep in mind the following:

If you’ve been diagnosed with Diabetes after age 55 to 60, have excellent control (A1C of 6.5 or less), no diabetic complications, good height and weight, you’re a non-tobacco user and your overall health is excellent otherwise, there is a slight possibility that you MAY be able to qualify for a “Preferred” life insurance rate (possibly Preferred Plus) with some of the aggressive life insurance companies for Diabetics.

More often though, and if your diabetes was diagnosed at age 50 or later, you have excellent control and all else is good, you will most likely qualify for a Regular Plus or Regular rate at best.

Preferred rates are highly unlikely for most diabetics…but not impossible.

Diabetes Diagnosis Prior to Age 50

Being diagnosed with Diabetes prior to the age of 50 will usually cause insurance companies to “rate” you or to offer a rate that is higher than the “Regular” rates.

Regular rates are still possible, but rare.

The aggressive insurance companies for diabetics that have offered Regular or Standard rates right now to diabetics diagnosed age 40- 49 with excellent control (i.e. A1C under 7.0, the lower the better), rarely do so without us applying heavy pressure for them to do so.

The rating for which you’ll qualify will depend on your exact age when you were diagnosed, whether you’re Type 1 or Type 2, your degree of diabetic control and considering your overall health otherwise.

The actual cost could be only a little bit higher than the Regular rate to a lot higher than the Regular rate, depending on your particular diabetes and other criteria.

If you’ve had diabetic complications like kidney failure, leg amputations or blindness, then most of the life insurance companies would decline you for insurance.

Diabetes Diagnosis Prior to Age 40

As of right now, being diagnosed with diabetes prior to age 40 will result in you only being able to qualify for a rated policy or with a cost that is higher than Regular rates.

We are hoping this may change in the future and that some people diagnosed prior to age 40 with excellent control and health otherwise, may be able to qualify for a Regular or Standard rate.

A number of years ago there was a company called U.S. Financial Life that did offer Regular rates to diabetics diagnosed under the age of 40, but they stopped  offering new life insurance many years ago…

Whether they stopped offering new coverage due to having too many claims, I do not know.

But there is still hope that another aggressive company starts offering Standard or better rates to diabetics diagnosed under age 40!!

Diabetes Diagnosis Prior to Age 10

There is a much smaller number of insurance companies that will underwrite diabetics diagnosed prior to age 10…

While our system is the only way for diabetics to ensure they qualify for best rate, our system works fantastically for those diagnosed prior to age 10!!!

We always inquire up front with underwriters for those diabetics diagnosed prior to age 10 as we like to get it in writing that they may offer coverage.

This also gives us more negotiating room later… 

We Shop Diabetes Cases Every Day

I first got online in the early 90’s and started emailing people (instead of sending letters in the mail) regarding life insurance.

Then I found this gentleman named Terry at a company called who was selling online leads to life insurance agents, and he gave me 3 free leads to try out…

One of the leads panned out and resulted in a sale and a light bulb went off in my head…the internet was going to be awesome!!

Around the same time, I discovered Compulife Software which was a term insurance quoting software with rates from lots of different insurance co’s…which made shopping for best rates much easier!! 

Because I have health issues myself, and getting life insurance was always a hassle, I started marketing online to higher risks including diabetics.

Since then, I’ve probably shopped 10,000+ diabetes cases and I’ve definitely learned a thing or 2 about how to get best offers for any diabetic. 

Let Us Help Get You the Best Diabetic Life Insurance Rate

Call us or just request a quote to the above right and provide your contact info or you can send an email to [email protected] and we’ll start the process of getting you the best life insurance rate possible no matter what your diabetes history may be.

For people that would normally be declined for insurance, we can offer you guaranteed issue life insurance…or almost guaranteed issue.

These simplified issue or guaranteed issue types of life insurance products are specifically for people with more severe health issues.

We only use Guaranteed issue products as an absolute last resort as they are expensive, for small amount of coverage and they would not pay out the full death benefit amount if death occurs in the first 2 to 3 policy years if death was due to diabetes or another disease/illness.

We Can Help Any Diabetic To Qualify

The good thing is that almost everyone with diabetes is able to get life insurance coverage.

You can get a quote for your diabetes life insurance needs to the above right and then provide at least your email address and we’ll contact you with information and best rates for you.

We’ll never call you unless you request that we do as we understand that you may just be looking for information about life insurance, but don’t necessarily want to talk to an agent or even buy a policy.

The bottom line is that we have 121 different insurance companies we can offer you. 

We will get you the absolute best life insurance rate if you have diabetes, type 1 or type 2, great control, average control or poor control.   

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