Ohio National Life offers some of the best term life insurance rates in America.  While they offer all types of permanent life insurance also, including good whole life insurance, variable universal life and universal life, their term rates cannot usually beat if you are in “average” or better health. 

Ohio National Life offers 2 different term plans to choose from on their FlexTerm– 10, 15 and 20 year guaranteed level premium life insurance products. 
Their lowest cost FlexTerm rates will usually show up as one of the best term rates available in America and their FlexTerm Plus rates usually cost about 5% more. 
Ohio National Two Term Plans- What’s The Difference?
The difference between the 2 plans is only the conversion option details.   They both allow conversion for the earlier of the full level term period or age 70, whichever comes first.
The lowest Ohio National Flex Term rates are only convertible to one very expensive permanent insurance product and the slightly higher “Plus” rates are convertible to ANY permanent life insurance products that Ohio National offers at the time of conversion.
Want An Accurate Quote?
Click here to email us for an accurate Ohio National Life Insurance quote.  At the same time we will compare Ohio National’s best rate for you to all of their competition including Met Life, Protective Life, AIG, Banner Life, United of Omaha, North American Company for Life & Health, Savings Bank Life of MA, Genworth, Transamerica and all the others…
Better Conversion Option Worth a Few More Dollars
In our opinion, it is always worth paying a little more for a better conversion option as you never know what the future may hold.
For example, what if towards the end of your term you’re diagnosed with a serious illness, like cancer. You will most likely be uninsurable for a new policy for some period of time after the cancer is successfully treated. Are you really going to want to get rid of your life insurance if your term is coming to an end at this point?
For most people, the answer would be NO.
By choosing the policy with the better conversion option, you would be able to extend your policy at a new level premium at the best rate possible and at the same rate class for which you originally qualified, whether that was Preferred Plus, Preferred, Standard Plus or Standard.
A good conversion option has paid off for our clients so many times that we believe a policy with a better conversion option is superior.
Ohio National Rarely Good for Health Issues
Ohio National can rarely be beat on price for people with NO health or other underwriting issues, but you will almost always be able to find a better rate if you have diabetes, heart condition, past cancer or other more significant health issues.   
For anyone that has a shot at Regular or better rates, we always include Ohio National in our shopping process a they are a great term insurance company.
Bottom Line
Ohio National Life is a great insurance company and may the best company for you are in decent health and are looking for the lowest cost term life insurance available.  We would highly recommend that you pay the few dollars more for the Ohio National FlexTerm “Plus” product wth the better conversion option as we have seen the better conversion option pay off for too many people in the past 40+ years since we have been in business!!
Click here to email us for an accurate quote and we will also run accurate quotes from all of Ohio National’s competitors that may offer you better rates. 
You can also run a quote request to view all rates available to you using the quoting tool to the right.
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