We are a family owned and operated insurance agency. We will NOT rent, trade, or release your information to any third party for any reason – ever. We respect YOUR privacy.

We do NOT sell leads to other agents and only Gordon E. Conwell, III or Gordon E. Conwell, Jr will be handling your case.

Any medical or contact information you provide to us will NEVER be released to anyone else and we only need your information so that we can narrow down best rates and insurance companies for you and so that we can contact you with the most accurate rates available to you. 

Providing information to us is no different than walking into your local insurance office in Anytown, USA and providing info to your local agent.  The biggest difference is that we will be able to offer you WAY more insurance companies than 95% of all life insurance agents or brokers and we have almost 70 years of combined experience.

Detailed information that we request on our forms  is secure via the internet standard of Secure Socket Layers (SSL). 

After you provide us with information, we shop with underwriters from over 100 different insurance companies to get best case offers.  Then we’ll provide you with the results and you can decide to apply or not.  

Please do not hesitate to call us toll free at 1-800-380-3533 or email us if you’d like more information about our privacy policy.






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