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It’s in your best interest to at least get a Pacific Life insurance quote.  Having been around for over 150 years and as one of the most recognizable insurance companies in the country, with their Blue Whale and their TV commercials…


While they offer a full suite of life insurance policies, including variable universal life and indexed universal life, currently Pacific Life offers some of the best term and guaranteed universal life rates in the life insurance industry!


Not only that, but Pacific Life also provides insurance policies with one of the most aggressive “no medical exam” life insurance strategies for people ages 50 to 69.



Pacific Life Promise Term


Pacific Life Term insurance provides some of the lowest “no medical exam” term life insurance rates today.


Those age 50 – 69 can buy up to $1,000,000 without any blood test, urine specimen or medical exam as long as they’ve had a complete physical and blood work with their own doctor within previous 18 months. 


Some underwriting criteria for which Pacific Life really beat the competition in are as follows: 


Build: extremely liberal maximum weight to qualify for their Preferred Best and Preferred rate categories, and even more so for those ages 65+.

Maximum allowable weights for males & females age 0-64:

            Preferred Best    Preferred 
5’0”           153                   168 
5’1”           158                   174 
5’2”           164                   180 
5’3”           169                   186 
5’4”           174                   192
5’5”           180                   198 
5’6”           186                    204
5’7”           191                    211
5’8”           197                    216
5’9”           203                    223 
5’10”         209                    229
5’11”         215                    236 
6’0”           221                    242 
6’1”           227                    250  
6’2”           233                    256  
6’3”           240                    264 
6’4”           246                    271  
6’5”           253                    278 
6’6”           259                    285



Maximum allowable weights for males & females age 65+:

            Preferred Best    Preferred 
5’0”           168                   179 
5’1”           174                   185 
5’2”           180                   191 
5’3”           186                   197 
5’4”           192                   204
5’5”           198                   210 
5’6”           204                    216
5’7”           211                    223
5’8”           216                    230
5’9”           223                    236 
5’10”         229                    243
5’11”         236                    250 
6’0”           242                    258 
6’1”           250                    265  
6’2”           256                    272  
6’3”           264                    279 
6’4”           271                    287  
6’5”           278                    295 
6’6”           285                    302

The above are some of the most liberal weight guidelines in the entire insurance industry for “preferred” rate categories! 


Pacific Life can also be aggressive for blood pressure, anxiety and depression, sleep apnea, asthma, mild Parkinson’s diagnosed age 59+, Psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.



Pacific Life Promise GUL


Pacific Life Promise GUL or Guaranteed Universal Life is also very competitively priced in 2019.


The underwriting criteria for GUL are similar to the term insurance criteria above.


Pacific Life’s GUL does also offer a partial or full Return of Premium in policy years 15, 20 and 25 for face amounts above $50,000, which is a great exit strategy if there comes a time when you no longer need or want the life insurance.


You can also choose the guaranteed period of your choice on the Promise GUL from ages 90 to 121.


Buy As Low as $25,000 of Guaranteed Universal Life


Like North American Company, Pacific Life also offers their GUL product as low as $25,000, so if you’re looking for permanent life insurance to help pay final expenses than this coudl be the best insurance coverage for you.   


Check out how competitive Promise GUL can be for older ages looking for guaranteed level rate and coverage to age 90… 


Below are best $250,000- monthly rates for males and females ages 60 and 70 looking for guarantee to age 90: 


Male 60                                   Male 70
$239- Pacific Life                     $425- Pacific Life
$288- North American Co.       $466- North American Co.
$290- Protective                       $476- Protective

Female 60                                Female 70
$214- Pacific Life                     $332- Pacific Life
$241- North American Co.       $375- North American Co.
$247- Principal                         $420- Principal 


They do also offer a Chronic Illness Living Benefits Rider for an additional charge, in case you’re looking for a policy to help also pay for long term care!



Pacific Life Underwriting 


No Exam for ages 50-69 as long as you have had a physical exam and blood test with your own doctor within past 18 months, is a great benefit…as no one wants to have an insurance exam.


But they may require review of your medical records and blood test results from past 18 months, though. 


If you have NOT had a physical exam and/or blood test within past 18 months, then Pacific Life will require you to have a free insurance exam.


Pacific Life definitely has some underwriting niche’s, mentioned above, which can make them better than the competition for some people.


If You’ve Been Declined by Other Life Insurance Providers 


Pacific Life has also partnered with GenRe, which is a reinsurance company, to offer a 2nd Look program…


This program can result in an underwriting offer being made on any past term insurance case (with any other insurance company) that was postponed, withdrawn or retired as incomplete because of missing information such as medical records never being received, medical tests that were never completed, missing financial documents…


This 2nd look is NOT a program for people who were declined for medical reasons and are now looking for a better outcome.


Bottom Line on Pacific Life


Pacific Life Insurance Company’s a definite “player” if you’re interested in term and/or Guaranteed Universal Life insurance.


And if you do NOT want to have an insurance exam and your age 50-69, then you should definitely consider a life insurance product from Pacific Life.


If you could not get approved by other life insurance companies due to non-medical type of issues, then you should give Pacific Life’s “2nd Look” program a try.


If you’d like a quote from Pacific Life and all of their closest competition with similar financial strength ratings, feel free to call us at 1-800-380-3533, click here to email us or simply complete the info in accurate quote link below and we’ll send you quotes for insurance from Pacific Life.   





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