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Principal Life, now known as Principal National Life in all States except New York and owned by The Principal Financial group, is a very unique life insurance company.


They currently have some of the best term and permanent life insurance rates in the country and they underwrite just a little bit differently than most other insurance companies.


Because of their unique underwriting methodology, making exceptions on many issues when other companies won’t…they can sometimes beat all of the competition on some cases.


Principal National Term Life Insurance


Principal Life offers some of the best term life insurance rates in most States, and they do offer 2 different sets of rates with different conversion options


The lowest Principal Life/Principal National Life rates now available are only convertible as follows:


10 Year Term: convertible for 7 years or to age 70, if earlier
15 Year Term: convertible for 12 years or to age 70, if earlier
20 Year Term: convertible for 15 years or to age 70, if earlier
30 Year Term: convertible for 20 years or to age 70, if earlier 


The slightly higher Principal term rates are convertible for the full 10, 15, 20 or 30 year guaranteed level term period up to a maximum of age 70.


Below are some areas where Principal Life is unique!




No Exam Life Insurance Up To $1,000,000


Principal Life offers an Accelerated Underwriting Program for which healthy people ages 18 to 60 with no underwriting issues can qualify for up to $1,000,000 of term or permanent life insurance without having to have an insurance exam.


To qualify, you must be a “Super Preferred” (preferred plus) or a Preferred risk.


So if you have diabetes, heart disease are overweight or have other underwriting issues, you will not likely be able to qualify for a policy without having an insurance exam, but the Principal Life underwriters do their best to make the underwriting process as easy as possible.


Worst case scenario could be that you apply for the “no exam” process and the underwriter may end up requesting an insurance exam if something turns up on the MIB, the pharmacy records database search, the motor vehicle report or during the required phone interview.


No Exam Is NOT Guaranteed With Principal Life 


If this were to happen, you could decide to just have the free exam or possibly just try another no exam company.


Click on the accurate Principal Life Quote link or simply run a quote using the instant quoting tool to the right to check out rates from Principal and hundreds of different insurance companies.


At the same time we send you the Principal quote, we will email you quotes for other insurance companies that may be better for you, from companies like Lincoln National, Pacific Life, Protective Life, Banner Life, Penn Mutual, North American Company for Life & Health or any of the others could make you a better offer.


We will find you the best rate and product that fits your needs.




Niche’s for which Principal Life Can Dominate


  • Height/Weight– for otherwise healthy people who may be overweight, Principal Life can be very aggressive. They’ll give good credits if cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar and all other lab values check out as good.
  • Older Age Onset Type 2 Diabetics– Principal can be very aggressive if diagnosed at age 60 or older and have optimal blood sugar control with A1C preferably in low 6’s and overall good health otherwise. Even Preferred rates are a possibility on really good cases, overall they are really great when trying to get life insurance with diabetes.
  • Elevated Liver Functions– Preferred rates are possible on some cases with elevated LFT’s.
  • Cancer– Most cancer’s will result in Standard (Regular) rates at best, but Regular Plus and possibly even Preferred rates are possible for some low stage cancer’s preferably after 10 years since treatment ended with no recurrence and excellent health otherwise. .
  • Sleep Apnea– Super Preferred and Preferred possible
  • Autoimmune Disorders– Preferred to Standard possible
  • Depression HistorySuper Preferred and Preferred Possible


Principal’s Automatic Standard Approval Program


On their permanent life insurance products including their guaranteed universal life plan, Principal will automatically offer you a standard or regular rate if you are rated up to a table 3 rating.


They will also offer a Standard rate if you are charged a flat extra premium up to $7.50 per thousand, again only on their permanent products. This does not apply to their term life insurance products.


The Automatic Standard Approval Program (ASAP) can give Principal and edge over their competition if you are interested in permanent life insurance or coverage up to age 85, 90 and beyond.


Click on the accurate Principal Life Quote link to get an accurate quote or simply use our instant quoting tool to the right to get quotes from every competitive insurance company.


At the same time we email you Principal Life’s accurate rates for you, we’ll also show you other companies that may offer you a better rate or value.


Just let us know if you’re most interested in term life or permanent life insurance and we will also look at best rates for you from Columbus Life, Symetra Life, North American Company for Life Health, Protective Life, Lincoln National, American General, Mass Mutual and all the other companies.




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