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Protective Life Insurance Quote | The Best Rates for Life Insurance
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Get a Protective Life insurance quote today as they are one of the most innovative companies with unique products that are a little different than the products of their competition.


Products offered by Protective life are competitive term life insurance, term universal life, indexed universal life and variable universal life insurance.  They do also offer a whole life insurance plan, but it’s not competitively priced.


In business since 1907 with great financial stability, great products and great underwriters, Protective Life is a major player in the life insurance industry.


Having acquired West Coast Life, MONY Life and Federal Kemper Life, Protective is a powerhouse of an insurance company with excellent underwriters and products that can make them one of the best companies for life insurance planning!


How Protective Life is Unique


Protective Life Insurance Company’s Custom Choice Universal Life product is sold as term life insurance for any guaranteed level premium term duration that you’d like from 5 years to 30 years.


If you’d like guaranteed level premium coverage for longer than 30 years, then Protective Life’s Advantage Choice UL rates are their most competitive permanent life insurance product. 


With a minimum guaranteed level premium to age 75, with the Advantage Choice UL you can also buy any guaranteed level life insurance product for longer than to age 75 that you’d like. 


Simply Choose Any Time Frame For Which You’d Like Coverage


You could buy life insurance coverage with a guaranteed level rate to your age 80, age 83, age 87, age 90 all the way up to your entire lifetime.


Protective Life’s guaranteed products are fully customizable to your needs.


Protective even offers a 10 year level term plan called 5 X 5 with lower rates in the initial 5 years, which can be lower than every other companies 10 year term rate. This could be the perfect product if the life insurance is only needed for a short period of time.


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Protective Classic Choice Term Vs Custom Choice UL


You’ll notice on our instant quoter that Protective Life has 2 different life insurance rates/products showing up on term insurance comparison, the classic choice term and the custom choice UL.


The classic choice term is a little less expensive, but the custom choice UL offers a better exchange option in the future, if you’d ever like to extend the duration of your life insurance later. 


Because of the above, the Custom Choice UL is a better product in our opinion.


Custom Choice UL better than Classic Choice Term


There is also an exchange or conversion option on the classic choice term, but it is limited to the first 8 years on 10 year term, the first 13 years on 15 year term and the first 18 years on the 20, 25 or 30 year term.


Also on the classic term insurance product, Protective only allows you to convert or exchange to their absolute best products in the first 5 policy years.  After 5 years, you can only exchange to Protective Life’s more expensive permanent life products.


On the Custom Choice UL product, you can exchange/convert to Protective Life’s best products for the first 20 policy years to a maximum of age 70.


Custom Choice UL Provides More Flexibility to Automatically Extend Coverage


If you decide not to exchange/convert the custom choice universal product before the end of your initial “term”, you can continue to pay the same premium and then your insurance amount will decrease a little bit each year.  This also provides you with more flexibility than the classic term type of life insurance product.  


For the small increase in cost, buying the custom choice universal life product instead of the classic choice term is the better value, in our opinion.


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How To Lower Your Cost of Insurance


Protective Life also offers an Income Provider Option (IPO) for which you can choose to have the life insurance coverage amount paid out to your beneficiaries over a period of time instead of in one lump sum. Taking advantage of this IPO could save you money on your annual premium, see example below:


Male age 46, approved for a Standard Non Tobacco rate for $2 Million of 20-Year Custom Choice UL with annual premium of $4,911. 

He originally applied for insurance coverage at a Preferred Non Tobacco rate of $3,019 per year, but due to unforeseen medical impairments that turned up on his medical exam, the client only qualified for the higher standard rate. This was a 63% increase in cost from the “preferred” quote!

Solution: Use the IPO to provide an income stream of $67,870 to the insured’s beneficiary for 30 years with a new annual premium of $3,000. The premium is now even slightly lower than the Preferred Non-Tobacco rate that was originally quoted.


The IPO installment option for the death benefit payout can be any time frame from 1 year to 30 years.


The longer the time frame for the payout of the death benefit, the bigger the discount will be on your premiums and coverage!


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Great Rates for People With Some Health Issues


Some preexisting conditions for which Protective Life can be very aggressive: 



Protective Life has great underwriters who are always willing to listen to our pitch for a better offer for any of our clients that need life insurance with preexisting issues.


Protective Life also has some of the best longer duration guaranteed universal life insurance rates to age 85, age 90 and age 95 for people with some health issues.


If you’re over age 65 with health issues, then these age 85, age 90 and age 95 guaranteed level rates could cost you less than a 15 or 20 year term plan.


Protective Life is a great addition to the hundred’s of other insurance companies we can offer you.


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Protective Term Life Through Costco


Protective does offer a 10% to 15% discount for Costco members that buy the insurance policies through Costco. 


The Costco Protective term product is only 10 or 20 year term and the discount only applies in the first 5 policy years. The premium you pay will increase starting in year 6.


The Protective term products through Costco offer no conversion or automatic extension option.


You’ll get what you get with Costco Protective Term…so don’t get upset!


If you don’t need or want an independent agent to help you determine if Protective Life or another carriers term products may be better for you…


And you realize that you’ll have no negotiating room to try for better offer when dealing through Costco, if you don’t originally qualify for rate you’re expecting…


And you don’t mind not having an agent to rely on when you need to discuss anything regarding your policy (and having to call the home office customer service department for help- ughh, don’t you hate waiting and going through all voicemail prompts, and then getting routed to wrong dept!!)…


If you have health issues, don’t bother with Costco Protective Life Term


But if you’re healthy and only want cheap term insurance, then the Costsco 10 or 20 year term products may be a good fit for you!


Click here if you’d like Costco Protective term life insurance quotes


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Bottom Line on Protective Life


With fully customizable and guaranteed life insurance policies, Protective Life is always a “player”.


Whether you want a term life or a cash value life insurance option, Protective may be the best insurance company for you.


We will figure out if they are or are not the best for you and we will quote you alternative company’s rates that may be better for you than Protective.


We’ll compare Protective To All Other Companies For You 


At the same time we will also email you rates from other life insurance companies that may be better for you.


We’ll compare the Protective Life quote for you to other companies, like Banner Life, American General/AIG, Pacific Life, North American Company, American National, Prudential, Lincoln National Life, Mutual of Omaha and any others that may offer you a better rate and/or value.


Click here to email us if with any questions/concerns, or click on the secure link above to get an accurate Protective Life quote or simply call us at 1-800-380-3533 if you’d prefer to speak with us and better protect your loved ones today!!