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Prudential does individual life insurance business in most States as Pruco Life.  

They’re a great company that has been in business for over 140 years. 

Pruco Life has some unique underwriting niche’s and they could be the best company for your life insurance needs if you fall into one of these niche’s below. 

Adult onset type 2 diabetics diagnosed at age 50 or older with A1C under 7.0.   

Type 1 diabetics that use less than 70 units of insulin daily, even if you’ve had minor complications like mild retinopathy or mild neuropathy.  

If you’re overweight, Prudential has some extremely liberal height/weight requirements, especially if your age 60 or older. 

If you use any tobacco other than cigarettes (i.e. chewing tobacco, cigar, pipe, dip or e-cigarettes) or marijuana, you must get a quote from Prudential. 

If you have more than one impairment, like heart disease and diabetes, you’ll definitely want to get quote from Prudential as they may end up being the best insurance company for you. 

Prudential should also be considered if you’re a private pilot or scuba diver.

Prudential has made offers on some of these really tough cases when all other companies have declined.

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What is Prudential Term Essential and Term Elite?

Term Essential is Prudential’s most inexpensive term life product.

Term Elite is slightly more expensive than Term Essential.

You can buy 10, 15, 20 and 30 year term for both of these Prudential term products. 

The major difference between term essential and term elite is that term elite offers a conversion credit in the first 5 policy years to help reduce the cost if you decide to convert your policy from term to permanent life insurance in the first 5 policy years only.   

We find that almost no one is considering conversion of their term policy in the first 5 policy years.  So for most people, the Term Essential product will probably be the best term product for them.

Prudential is definitely not going to offer everyone the best life insurance rate, but if you fall into one of their niche’s, they may just be best company for you. 

If you don’t want to shop to find best rate and product, make sure to have an agent or broker who can offer life insurance from all insurance companies (not just 10 or 20) shop for you.

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Bottom Line on Prudential

Prudential also offers guaranteed universal life, indexed universal life, survivorship universal life and variable universal life products.

They have great underwriters that are very responsive and that go out of their way to make best offers possible.   

If you happen to fall into one of the niche’s above and would like a Prudential life insurance quote, please call us at 1-800-380-3533, click here to email us or just click on the secure link above to get an accurate quote.  

Then we’ll email you with Prudential’s quote and a quote from all of their competition, including American General/AIG, Banner Life, Cincinnati Life, Met Life, Protective Life and other companies, if the competition‘s rate may be better for you!