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Savings Bank Life of Massachusetts, also known simply as SBLI has been around for over 100 years. 


SBLI is a definite “player” in the term life insurance market with their new accelerated underwriting philosophy for anyone ages 18 to 60 seeking $500,000 or less of term life insurance!!!


The Power of No

With SBLI’s Accelerated Underwriting (AU) process, no one age 18-60 gets excluded, no matter the risk class, for $500,000 or less of term insurance. SBLI is faster and more convenient and can guarantee:
•No hassles
•No exclusions. Period.
•No paramed visit*
•No joking!

The Power of Now


Click Here For Accurate SBLI Quote

Bottom Line- SBLI Accelerated Underwriting


They are a great insurance company that’s been around for along time, they have great financial ratings and they have a niche that can set them apart from most of their competition.


If you do NOT want to have a blood/urine test or a visit from an examiner at your home, SBLI may be the best insurance company for you. 


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Or simply call us at 1-800-380-3533 or click here to email us for more information. 


*IMPORTANT: Each SBLI accelerated underwriting application requires a telephone interview instead of a paramedical visit.





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