New Testimonial – April 12, 2024, 11:39 am

I wanted life insurance as I am the sole breadwinner in my family. However, with a congenital condition (that causes me no problems whatsoever), I am not easy to insure. I got my initial policy just before my first child was born. The process was relatively easy. Gordon knew which providers best handle my health background. He got quotes and was correct. The providers he said would likely be most favorable, were in fact most favorable.

Now over 10 years later and with less than 10 years on my term life policy, I knew I needed to increase and extend. Being even older with the same, non-problematic congentical condition isn’t easy. The insurer had lots of questions and wanted a lot of medical provider notes. Gordon jumped in and worked with the insurer on accepting some items I had already submitted as complete. Where they absolutely needed more information, Gordon got on the phone himself to try and get what was needed from my providers in order to reduce the amount of work I had to do myself. I always got near immediate responses to my emails. American Term clearly knows what they are doing. They are super client focused and did whatever they could to get the policy I wanted at the most reasonable price possible.

Evelyn Nordin

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