Having Trouble Getting Approved for Life Insurance

If you’re having trouble getting approved for life insurance, you’re not alone!

What prompted to me to write this is an extremely angry gentleman who called me last week. 

He had applied to a well-known life insurance company two months ago because he was required to have life insurance for an SBA loan. 

This insurance was supposed to be in force and assigned to the lender by now, but his loan request is about to be declined due to the insurance not being in force yet. 

Since I also do business regularly with this same insurance company he already applied to, and I wanted to help this gentleman, I contacted a friend of mine at this company to find out what the holdup was.   

All this company’s underwriter was waiting for to make final approval on this case was an answer to one simple question.  

I got the answer to the question and relayed it to my friend, but they could not accept the answer from me, as it had to come from the other agent.


He Yelled the F-Bomb Several Times He Was So Angry 

This gentleman was so angry because he had an extremely difficult time talking to the other agent after he applied, and he told me the agent obviously knew nothing about his heart disease or even the right questions to ask him to relay to the underwriter to get his approval.  

He told me he did answer the question that needed to be answered previously, but the other agent must not have understood the issue and did not answer the question to the insurance company’s satisfaction. 

I told this gentleman exactly what to tell the other agent and to have this agent relay information to the company to get the final approval and have the policy issued ASAP.  

His case was not a simple one, since he had a heart attack, stent, and diabetes, and he needed $2,250,000 of term insurance, so none of the “no exam” or quick issue insurance companies would work for him. 

While I could “flip him” to another company and possibly get his approval within a couple weeks, since he has all of his own medical records, he really needed the insurance yesterday.

Getting the policy for which he’s already almost approved should be the fastest way to satisfy his lender, so his loan goes through.   

The biggest mistake he made with regard to this application process is applying for life insurance through a “call center” with an obviously inexperienced agent.   

I felt really bad for this guy, as he had no way of knowing what he was getting into.

The policy was issued in a couple more days, and I helped this gentleman get the policy assigned to the lender, so there was a happy ending! 


What Is A Life Insurance Call Center

If you Google “call center,” it is defined as “an office set up to handle a large volume of telephone calls, especially for taking orders and providing customer service.”

My take on life insurance call centers is that the person you originally speak with will only get you to apply and then move on to next case.  They won’t (usually) provide ongoing customer service.  

After you agree to apply, someone else like a case manager will then take over your case.  You then may or may not easily be able to speak to this case manager or speak to the original agent.    

In the example above, this gentleman is only one of hundreds or possibly thousands of complaints we’ve heard over the years from others who have been very unsatisfied when dealing with a call center or an inexperienced agent. 

The first thing you need to understand is that a call center agent’s main goal is to get you to agree to buy something or apply right away.  It is not to provide you with the best solution for you or to provide ongoing service throughout your application process. 

While I’m sure there are very experienced call center insurance agents that care about doing a great job, the bottom line is if they are not producing daily sales at whatever quota has been imposed on them, they won’t have that job long.  

Experienced call center agents, who are successful, are probably very smooth salesman.  Their #1 goal is to sell you something.  

They may just have recently obtained their life insurance license but were successful at selling in another industry. Call centers want the best salespeople or “closers” working for them.     

If they don’t sell and meet their quota, they’re fired.  Call centers usually have a large turnover of employees as only the best producers get to keep their job.   

The person you may have spoken to initially may not be the person you’ll speak to in the future. That is if you can speak to anyone at all.  

My guy above said he had a very hard time getting a call back from his original agent.  

I don’t know about you, but I hate being ignored, and I don’t want to have to re-explain my situation again and again.


How Do You Know If You’re Dealing With A Call Center? 

If you’ve heard an advertisement for life insurance on the radio or on TV, and you call that number, you are probably dealing with a call center.  

I just googled “best life insurance quotes,” and the top three ads were definitely call centers, while the fourth looked like a reseller of insurance leads to a dozen organizations that are likely call centers as well. 

When inquiring about life insurance, ask whatever agent you speak to if they work in a call center, and if they will be involved in all details of your case throughout the whole process. 

Ask if you can call or email them for updates throughout the process, and if they will answer any questions you may have about the policy after you’re approved and receive the policy. 

Likewise, ask about ongoing customer service, if you can contact them for service issues, or if they’ll make you deal directly with the life insurance company.  

Take it from me that many life insurance companies don’t provide good customer service.   

This is the reason we do all ongoing customer service with our clients, and we never push anyone off on the actual insurance company customer service department.   

Because many salespeople will tell you what they think you want to hear, you should dig a little and ask them questions prior to agreeing to apply. 

Think of it as a job interview, and you’re the one doing the hiring. 

Ask them how long they’ve been selling insurance, if they do a lot of SBA loan cases, heart disease cases, or whatever-your-specific-underwriting-issue-may-be cases.   

The nice thing about dealing with anyone regarding life insurance over the phone or email is that you can simply hang up the phone or block them from sending you more emails. 


Have You Ever Dealt With A Pushy Car Salesman?

Some of the worst sales experiences I’ve ever had were with car salesman… being lied to about a quote for new car over the phone, only to have it change after I go to dealership to complete the deal. 

My wife and I were once surrounded by three car salesman and the finance manager at another car dealership trying to sell me ANY vehicle that “fit my budget” after we told them we were only looking and as we were walking out the door.   

The second worst sales type of experience I had was when I inquired about mortgage interest rates online, and I made the mistake of providing my phone number.  

My info must have been sold to numerous mortgage outlets, as I must have gotten 20+ calls about mortgages over the next few weeks from several different mortgage outlets.   

From what I’ve been hearing, life insurance shopping online is not much better than the online mortgage industry. Fifteen or more calls to prospects is apparently the norm.    

I don’t know about you, but if anyone calls me 15 times to get me to buy something from them or use their service, I’m probably never doing business with that company.   

As far as I’m concerned, this is harassment!

We don’t harass anyone to buy anything from us, and we would strictly act as your consultant to find you the best life insurance rate and value that fits your needs. 


How To Get Your Life Insurance Approval ASAP

There are some things you can do to help expedite getting your life insurance approval: 

  • If it requires an insurance exam, schedule that quickly (and fast for 8 to 10 hours or as long as possible prior to exam, don’t listen to an examiner telling you to fast for a shorter time period) 
  • If it is a “no exam” product and/or if it requires a phone interview, do the interview quickly (ask your agent for the phone number for you to call) 
  • Find out ASAP if medical records are being ordered and call your doctor’s office to try to expedite  
  • Make sure you have your agent’s email address and/or the email address and phone number of the case manager on your case (so you can inquire for status) 

We use what I consider the best medical records request service to obtain all medical records on every case we work on. 

We’ve tried all medical records request services, and the one we use now is consistently better than all others, yet even our service can’t make your doctor’s staff send out records any more quickly than they do.   

We are at the doctor’s mercy to send out medical records in timely fashion, but most take at least three to four weeks.    

Ninety percent of the time, obtaining medical records is what takes up the most time in the life insurance underwriting process. 

Once we have your medical records and insurance exam results, we can place you with ANY life insurance company. 

This is important in case you initially only qualify for a higher rate than expected, as we have the perfect solution for this common problem.    


How Can You Get Approved For Life Insurance (Without a Hassle)

If you do have absolutely no underwriting issues at all (i.e. no past or present health issues, no driving record issues, no hazardous avocation, etc.), then a call center may be able to help you to get life insurance in a timely fashion. 

If you go this route, don’t forget to ask them if they will also help you throughout the underwriting process and future customer service issues. 

Unless you are in perfect health with no past or present underwriting issues, I’d be lying if I told you that we or any agent could guarantee a quick and easy approval process. 

We’ve seen the most unusual things turn up in underwriting, such as incorrect information in medical records, wrong medical records being sent for someone with the same or a similar name, or maybe an insurance examiner with handwriting so bad it was illegible. Anything can turn up, which could prolong your approval.   

Here’s our pitch, though: if you’re looking for an agent that will help you now, during an entire underwriting process and in the future, and if you don’t want to be called numerous times and harassed to buy something, then you are in the right spot.

Click on the accurate, hassle free quote link, complete the information requested, and we will email you with quotes.   

If you want to take the next step and actually apply, then you let us know, and we’ll do everything we can to get you the best offer!



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