Cincinnati Life Insurance Company was founded in 1950 and may just be the best of the “not so well known” life insurance companies.  


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Most people are probably not familiar with Cincinnati Life, but with an A Excellent AM Best financial rating and being in business since 1950, they are a company that offers some great term and permanent life insurance policies. 
They may end up being one of the best life insurance companies in the U.S. for you, with great underwriters that are easy to talk to (thanks Gary and Stacey) and that have gone out of there way to make great offers on our cases.

Where Cincinnati Life Is Competitive

Cincinnati Life bases age on “last birthday”, whereas most other life insurance companies base age on nearest birthday. 
In other words, most life insurance companies will consider you to be the next older age when you are within 6 months of your next birthday. 
Cincinnati Life’s age last birthday calculation can result in a lower rate for you.
Cincinnati Life is Great for Non-Cigarette Tobacco users
If you are an alternate tobacco or nicotine user (i.e. you use cigars, pipe, snuff, chew, gum, patch) and have not used cigarettes in the past, Cincinnati Life will give you a non-tobacco rate and can almost never be beaten on price.
Cincinnati Life offers term life insurance at amounts as low as $25,000 and they should always be considered at this small amount.

Cincinnati Life Return of Premium Term

Cincinnati Life has some of the best Return of Premium (ROP) term life insurance rates available.
At the end of your term, you would get 100% of premiums paid into policy back as a refund…
You could also get a partial refund of premiums or a paid up policy at a reduced amount if you cancel your policy or decide to no longer make premium payments after policy year 6 but prior to the end of the term.
Check out these $100,000- 30 year ROP monthly term rates for males and females age 30, 40 and 50:
Male 30: $24             Female 30: $20
Male 40: $33             Female 40: $28
Male 50: $70             Female 50: $57

Cincinnati Life Guaranteed Whole Life Insurance

Cincinnati Life has one of the best and lowest cost whole life insurance products available. 
So if you are looking for a permanent cash value policy for $10,000 or even $100,000, Cincinnati Life may just offer you the best rate. 
Check out these $10,000 and $100,000 whole life monthly rates for males and females age 30- 60: 
              $10,000        $100,000 
Male 30:   $13               $65
Male 40:   $16               $96
Male 50:   $23               $144
Male 60:   $36               $224
                   $10,000        $100,000 
Female 30:   $12               $57
Female 40:   $15               $84
Female 50:   $21               $125
Female 60:   $32               $192

Bottom Line On Cincinnati Life Insurance Company

While Cincinnati Life is far from a well known insurance company, they are a great company that could possibly offer you the best price on term life or a guaranteed whole life insurance policy with cash value.
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At the same time we will review and then email you quotes from Cincinnati Life’s biggest competitors including Prudential, Lincoln National, United of Omaha, Ohio National, Columbus Life, Transamerica, American General, Lafayette Life, United Home Life, Assurity Life and all others that may be better for you.
Or feel free to use our quoting tool to the right to view rates from Cincinnati Life and every other competitive life insurance company.
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