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Did you know that if you’re over age 50, have diabetes, heart disease, are overweight or have other health issues, that you could qualify for a guaranteed universal life insurance policy that is less expensive than what a term policy would cost you?

And you could still lock into a guaranteed level rate for 20 years, 25 years, 30 years, 35 years, 40 years or longer!

You can choose the time frame for which you would like your rate to be guaranteed on many universal life insurance products.

The older you get, the more likely that universal life insurance will be less expensive for you than term insurance.  So this can be a perfect option for any senior!

Guaranteed Universal Life Can Be More Cost Effective and Better Value Than Term Life!

Because universal life coverage can be extended at anytime, it provides you with much more flexibility than term life insurance. Term insurance can only be automatically extended during the conversion period which usually ends at age 70 with most term carriers (there are still a few term companies allowing conversion to age 75).

This flexibility that universal life provides would benefit you if you ultimately decide that you need coverage for longer than you were originally expecting or if you ultimately decide to try to sell your policy via a life settlement.

For example, if you purchase a shorter duration guaranteed universal life insurance policy like to age 85 or 90, and then say at age 75 you decide you’ll need or want coverage for a longer period of time, you can pay more into the policy to extend the duration.  You can’t do this with term life after the conversion period is over.

There is also no time limit for which you’d be able to sell a Universal Life plan via a life settlement like there is for term life insurance which really needs to be sold while still convertible.

Just complete the form to the right, click “To Age 121 Level (No Lapse U/L)” for insurance type and instantly shop the best guaranteed universal life insurance quotes in the country.  Some people call this term insurance for life, “lifetime term” or perm-term, but it’s really much better than term life!!


Choose How Long You Want Coverage!

Many of the new Guaranteed or No Lapse Universal Life plans that are guaranteed for life also have a “dial in” guarantee feature.

A “dial in” guarantee means that you can choose the duration of guaranteed life insurance coverage that you want.  If you don’t want to pay the higher cost of getting coverage that is guaranteed to age 121 or life, you can opt for a less expensive shorter duration guaranteed level rate.

For example, you can buy a Universal Life policy that will have a guaranteed level rate and provide guaranteed coverage to your age 80, 85, 90, etc. These scenarios will be less expensive than getting coverage that is guaranteed to age 121 and we’ve had many instances where it actually costs less than term insurance.

Some of the best dial in guaranteed universal life rates will not show up in the quoting system on this site or any site as they must be manually run using special software.  When you make a quote request, we will automatically look at all best options for you if you do want a longer duration of coverage to your age 85, 90 and beyond.   

GUL With a Return of Premium Option

There are several companies that offer GUL with a partial or full return of premium (ROP) option in specified years.

So if you buy one of these policies and your needs change in the future and/or if you no longer need the insurance, you can simply cancel the coverage and get all or a portion of the premiums you paid back during the ROP option period. 

For example, one of the better GUL companies with the ROP option for a 65 year old male or female in good health, offers a $250,000 policy with a cost and ROP option as follows:

Male 65, annual cost $5,239, ROP option year 20= $104,780, ROP option year 25= $130,975 

Female 65, annual cost $4,293, ROP option year 20= $85,860, ROP option year 25= $107,325

It would be like having free insurance, since you can get all of your money back!! 


Underwriters Are More Lenient When Underwriting Universal Life 

Some of the Universal Life companies are also more lenient in underwriting for their Universal Life products than they are for term insurance.  So some people that are “rated” or charged a higher premium for term life insurance due to being overweight, having diabetes, heart disease or another health issue, may not be rated for Universal Life insurance.

Some insurance companies call this a Table Shave or a Good Health Credits program. For example, if you have diabetes that is fairly well controlled and your overall health is otherwise good, there are a number of universal life companies that will make you a better offer than they would on term insurance.

So if you have diabetes, heart disease, are overweight, have other health issues or if you are a senior citizen, you could get a better offer on guaranteed universal life than you could on term!

If cash value or cash accumulation inside of your policy is important to you, then you may need to look into other types of permanent life insurance besides guaranteed Universal Life. The reason for this is that most of the guaranteed Universal Life policies are not projected to have much cash value and the cash values are not usually guaranteed.

There are a few companies offering guaranteed or no lapse universal life insurance that do have guaranteed cash value or a cash back option in the future and we can show those companies rates to you if you’re interested in them.


There are basically three different types of Universal Life Insurance

There is the guaranteed universal life rates we’ve mentioned above, there’s also Indexed Universal Life and then there’s current assumption Universal Life plans.

Indexed UL and current assumption UL can both generate significant cash value, but these do not currently have long duration guaranteed level rates like the guaranteed universal life plans mentioned above.

There is always a trade off with permanent life insurance.  You can’t really get low price with great guarantees and great cash values.  It’s usually one or the other.

There are also some interesting “hybrid” plans of permanent insurance available now that offer long guaranteed level rates and cash value and more will continue to be released as life insurance companies clamor to come up with new and innovative products.

We’re always researching and we can help you to find any permanent life insurance policy that suits your needs.  Whether it has absolute lowest cost, good cash values, great guarantees or a combination of these.

Currently though, Guaranteed or No Lapse Universal Life is the most cost effective life insurance product that is guaranteed to provide coverage for life or any long time frame that you choose.

Universal life and permanent life insurance in general (Whole Life, Variable Life, Indexed Universal Life) can be a complex financial product and cannot always be compared based strictly on price (which as we’ll describe shortly, are generally a moving target anyway).

Very basically, universal life consists of two parts; an insurance portion and an investment portion or ‘side fund’. Both of these sections vary widely from policy to policy and both directly impact the performance of the policy so it’s important to shop wisely.

The insurance portion of the policy is often called the cost of insurance or COI. The quoting system shown above will provide online quotes for universal life insurance products where the insurance portion and premium paid is fully guaranteed and level to age 121. Other universal life policies may have premiums that are not guaranteed or they may have annually increasing costs, or other variable (non-guaranteed) features. Make sure you know all details before applying.

The investment portion is, roughly speaking, the amount of money you put into the policy above and beyond the amount required to cover the insurance costs. This additional money can conceptually be looked at as going into a ‘side fund’ or account which is then invested by the insurance company. Proceeds from this investment are then typically returned back into the side fund. The single biggest benefit to universal life tends to be that these investment returns are put back into the policy on a tax deferred basis – no tax is payable on these earnings until they are moved from the policy. Insurance companies and agents have worked themselves into a frenzy in an attempt to leverage all the various ways that this tax strategy can be used. It’s important to remember that while beneficial, for many people this investment or tax strategy may not be the best investment for you. Read all recommendations with caution.

What makes these insurance policies difficult to compare is that the two components work together and vary widely by policy. Is it better to have a policy with lower insurance costs, but lower investment returns? Or pay a bit higher insurance costs knowing that while that leaves less money in the investment portion that the earnings on the investment portion will make up for that?

Many of these questions are not always easy to answer and we can help you to make a decision that is best for you.

The life insurance comparison calculator to the above right will shop online from only universal life products that contain fully guaranteed and level insurance costs to age 121 or life– and these insurance costs are what are compared. No consideration is given to the investment portion or other benefits of these policies in these instant universal life quotes.

Make sure to choose “To Age 121 Level (No Lapse U/L)” in the “Type of Insurance” category on quoter above to see the best rates that are guaranteed for life. 

Since the instant quotes don’t take any of your health/avocation information into consideration, click the link below to get an accurate quote.


Contact me/us at toll free at 1-800-380-3533 or CLICK HERE to email us if you have questions or need any more information.

P.S. If you’ve purchased a Universal Life insurance policy without a guaranteed level rate/death benefit or if your old Universal Life plan is now “blowing up” and requiring higher premiums to maintain the coverage, you may very well be able to replace that coverage with a new Universal Life policy with a lower rate and that is guaranteed for life.  You could also do a 1035 exchange and rollover any cash value from your existing policy into a new plan, which would help reduce your cost even more on the new policy.  You have many options so let us know if we can help you.


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