Can I Get Life Insurance If My Parent Died of A Heart Attack?


I have a solution for the many people who contact me and tell me they did not qualify for Preferred Plus or Preferred rates only due to fact that their parent died of a heart attack prior to the age of 60.

Many of these people told me how their parent who died smoked cigarettes, drank too much, was obese, and just never took good care of themselves. They told me that this is the reason they had the heart attack, but “I’m healthy, so why am I being penalized for my parents death?”

There is a proven link between any first degree relative or immediate family member, especially a parent, who has had coronary artery disease and their children also developing the disease.  This is the concern for life insurance companies.

Your parent’s age 60 is that “magic age” for which most insurance companies use to determine if they’ll penalize you. If your parent died of a heart attack prior to age 60, then almost every life insurance company will preclude you from their lowest or best “Preferred Plus” rate.

The older your parent was when they died from the heart attack, the less likely it is that you will develop the disease.

If your parent did die of a heart attack prior to 60, there are some things you can do to get the absolute lowest rates possible, and there are a couple insurance companies that will offer you their best rates.


I’ve been able to get insurance companies to offer their best rates to some of my clients with a parent who died of heart attack at young age. Still, it can take some work on my end, and I’ll sometimes need your help also.

One thing that you can do if you’ve had a parent die at young age of a heart attack is to have a complete cardiac work up by a cardiologist. If the results of the work up are very good and your overall health checks out as very good otherwise, then this alone can help me to get many life insurance companies to offer you their best rates, even though they usually would not.

I also understand that many people in excellent health don’t want to take the time to have a full cardiac work up, so the following is another example of how I’ve gotten others the best rate when they have not had a cardiac work up.

Recently, I had a client who I was able to get Banner Life to offer their best rate class, even though this guy’s father died of a heart attack at age 58. Banner Life would usually place this guy in their third best “standard plus” rate class with a possibility of getting upgraded to their second best preferred rate if everything else checked out as very good.

I knew my client was in excellent shape, as he exercised regularly, and I really believed he was an excellent candidate for the best rate, not the second or third best. I composed a letter to the Banner underwriter and explained my clients work out regimen and diet, and I asked that the underwriter consider him for best rate class. Ultimately, she did.

Had I not specifically asked for the best rate, my client would not have been given it, and he would have probably only gotten their second best “preferred” rate.

This best rate saved my client $350 per year over what the regular “preferred” rate would have cost him. He was very happy with the outcome, as he was never able to qualify for best rate class in the past because of his father’s heart attack.

I’m not trying to pat myself on the back here (too much), but you just need to know that if your agent cares more about getting the highest commission or isn’t willing to put in the work to get you the best offer, you will certainly never get the best rate possible.


We’ve been a family owned business since 1969, and I’ve been doing this since ’92. We have had great years and not such great years in this business. We know we can’t take our clients for granted and really appreciate it when anyone give us the opportunity to help them with their life insurance needs. The best way we feel to say thank you is by doing everything in our power to get all of our clients the best offer possible.

We’ll do whatever it takes, and we can offer you rates and products from hundreds of different companies. If they are a quality insurance company with great rates or that offer some unique benefit or a niche, then we can offer you them.

Pacific Life is the only company currently that may regularly offer their best rate classification to anyone who had one parent die from a heart attack prior to age 60, but they may not offer best rate if your parent died of the heart attack prior to age 50 unless you really are in excellent shape otherwise with blood pressure and all cholesterol levels (total, HDL, LDL, etc.) being optimal.

While they do offer pretty good term rates right now, Pacific Life is not always the most competitively priced term company. They may not be best for you if you may have family heart history issues.

Ohio National Life, Columbus Life, John Hancock, and Prudential will all regularly offer you their “preferred” or second best rate class if you’ve only had one parent death by heart attack prior to age 60 and your health checks out as very good otherwise.

Again, we have been granted exceptions and have been able to get best rates with other insurance companies for otherwise healthy people that had a parent die of heart attack before 60.


FYI- If your parent had a heart attack at young age but did not die, Met Life, Minnesota Life, Nationwide, and United of Omaha will offer you their best rate if your parent had heart attack prior to age 60 but lived beyond age 60.  Transamerica, Lincoln National, ReliaStar Life, and AXA/Equitable will offer you their best rate class if your parent had heart attack but did not die prior to age 65 from the heart attack.

All underwriting guidelines can change at anytime, so just keep that in mind when shopping online for life insurance.

Click the link above to get an accurate insurance quote if you’ve had a parent die of or that survived a heart attack prior to their age 60.

Feel free to just run an instant quote using the quoting tool on the upper right hand side of this page so that you can see that we really can offer you life insurance from EVERY quality insurance company in the country that has competitive rates.

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