Tough Diabetic Life Insurance Cases

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At this point in my career, I’ve shopped many really tough life insurance for diabetic cases to hundreds of different insurance companies, so I have a good sense of which life insurance companies are best for every diabetic.

My goal is always to get you the absolute best rate and value possible from a quality insurance company, and I’m confident that I can do so, even for tough diabetic life insurance cases.

I must initially rely only on the information you give me when choosing the best insurance company or companies for your unique situation.

Which Diabetes Life Insurance Company Will Be Best for Me

Life insurance companies take so many criteria into consideration when determining what rate they’ll offer any diabetic, and the offers can vary greatly from one insurance company to another.

Buying a policy from the wrong company could cost you thousands of dollars.

I will always do what I believe is best for you, but a constant dilemma for me is choosing which insurance company or companies will make you the best offer based only on the information you provide to me.

The tough part for you when I question you about your health and other history may be that you do not recall your most recent A1C or something else, like your total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, recent blood pressure… or maybe you’re not comfortable telling me that you’ve been treated for depression or anxiety, or that maybe you had a DUI conviction a few years ago.


I’m an Underwriting Mess and Have Made All of the Mistakes

FYI- Health-wise, I am a life insurance underwriting mess, and most insurance companies will decline me. 

Plus, I’ve made lots of mistakes in life, so you never have to be embarrassed or feel strange about telling me anything. 

People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, and my house is ALL glass:)

I’ve helped everyone, from past substance abusers to alcoholics to people who have past felony convictions obtain life insurance.

Almost everyone I deal with has some underwriting issue or issues, and I’ve heard it all.

What If I Just Can’t Recall all of My Medical History

If you forget some of your past health information or just don’t admit to something that may seem trivial to you or something you may be uncomfortable telling me, the insurance companies I initially choose for you may not ultimately turn out to be the best for you.

This can prolong the whole underwriting process…

So the best thing to do is to give me as much information as possible on your medical and other history from the start.

The only time I get annoyed is when someone blatantly lies to me about their history…

Just remember that I’m on your side and I will do everything I can to get you the best offer, so tell me everything and then I’ll figure out the best way to present it to the insurance companies.  

This is why I have most of my diabetic clients (especially those with tough life insurance cases) apply to the two most probable best life insurance companies for them, since anything can turn up during underwriting.


Tough Diabetic Life Insurance Cases We’ve Helped Insure

I just did a really tough diabetic life insurance case for a guy who was a well controlled type 1 diabetic diagnosed at age 13.

Based on all questions he answered for me, I had him apply to the two insurance companies that should have been best for him.

Even though I asked him initially if he ever had any diabetic complications or poorly controlled diabetes and he said no, his medical records indicated that he had neuropathy and several seizures caused by low blood sugar two to three years prior.

Even though his A1Cs since his seizures have all been in high sixes and low sevens and his doctor subsequently sent me a letter stating the patient did not have neuropathy and that was in his records by mistake, the two insurance companies declined him because he did not admit to the seizures during his insurance exam, plus his recent medical records still showed periods of very low blood sugar.

I re-shopped his case to some other life insurance companies, and I was able to get him a $250,000- 20 year term rate with monthly cost of $67.52.

This was a higher rate than I was expecting initially, before I knew about the seizures, but it was a very good offer because of his previous declines.

Recent A1C of 9.5 and Still Qualifies

Recently, I had another tough case for a type 2 diabetic who told me he thought his recent A1C was in the high eights, and he thought his diabetes had been fairly well controlled over past few years.

A1C in high eights is not great but should not be a big issue for the more aggressive diabetic insurance companies.

I also had him apply to two insurance companies, but one declined him as his most recent A1C in his medical records was 9.5, and there were other high A1Cs over past couple of years.

The other insurance company offered him a $500,000 term policy with monthly cost of $146, which was a really good offer based on his recent history of below average diabetic control.


What’s In Your Medical Records?

I understand that things can always turn up during the underwriting process and in your medical records, like in the above cases.

I just don’t want anyone to ever come back to me and tell me they got a better rate or value somewhere else.

I work long and hard to get every diabetic who gives me the opportunity the best life insurance coverage at the best possible price.

Because I really appreciate anyone giving me the opportunity to help with their life insurance needs, I always look for better offers if the first offers don’t come in as expected.

Do You have The Best Diabetic Life Rate?

I know some other insurance brokers who have told me that they’ll never re-shop a case after an initial higher than expected or bad offer, and some have even told me they’ll try to convince the person that no other companies will beat the offer.

This is terrible and makes all insurance guys look bad!!!

Remember that all insurance salesman work on commission, so the more you pay, the more they make. I

t pays to be skeptical when getting life insurance offers, and you shouldn’t always believe the so called “experts.”

I consider myself an insurance consultant. My goal is to get you the best rate and product that fits your needs and budget, and I currently have 121 different insurance companies that I can offer to even tough diabetic life insurance cases.

I’ll narrow down the best rates and products for you based on your needs and your budget.

Email me at [email protected], call me at 1-800-380-3533 or just click on link below to provide some of your diabetic history if i can help you, or even if you just want to confirm that what you’re currently paying for life insurance is a fair price.



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